A little known secret hushed outside of New York City and not echoed by the media is the Mayor’s wife was “born” a Lesbian but changed her sexual preference when she met de Blasio. This one aspect of her past life has thus far remained out of the public’s eye. An advocate for equality, Chirlane McCray identified herself as a lesbian for over 14 years and had several long-term relationships with other women before meeting her lawmaker husband and now New York City’s Mayor.

She wrote for the September 1979 issue of Essence magazine a seven-page essay entitled “I am a Lesbian”, it was described as ground breaking for how a black woman discussed her sexuality in a black magazine. The purpose of the essay was to “dispel” the myth that there are no gay black people.

During her husband’s New York City Mayoral campaign the New York Observer exhumed the 1979 Essence article, which McCray at that point, was a member of the black lesbian feminist group called The Combahee River Collective, a landmark group of black, feminist lesbians that was active from 1974 until 1980. The Observer was quick to point out how she renounced her lesbian lifestyle after meeting her husband.

The biography of Ms. McCray on her husband’s campaign website notes her affiliation with the Combahee River Collective, however it [omits any mention] of the group’s [lesbian roots] and simply refers to it as “a pioneering black feminist collective.”

“I survived the tears, the isolation and the feeling that something was terribly wrong with me for loving another woman” Ms. McCray wrote. “Coming to terms with my life as a lesbian has been easier for me than it has been for many. Since I don’t look like and I don’t dress as a typical bulldagger, I have a choice as to whether my sexual preference is known.”

McCray also wrote, “I have also been fortunate because I discovered my preference for women early on, before getting locked into a traditional marriage and having children.” That article came with a tagline that read, “Beyond Fear–Lesbian Speaks!”

Asked about the article during the Mayoral campaign, McCray and her progressive husband both advocates for marriage equality responded: “In the 1970’s, I identified myself as a lesbian and even wrote about it. In 1991 I met the love of my life and married him.”

Though Mr. de Blasio and Ms. McCray are outspoken supporters of gay rights, the couple has not discussed her past publicly. June 2012, after New York legalized same-sex marriage, Mr. de Blasio and Ms. McCray co-authored a piece for Go! magazine praising marriage equality and reflecting on their own position as an (interracial) couple. In the article, they discuss their own marriage and describe having “gay and lesbian friends and family members,” but make no mention of Ms. McCray’s former identification as a lesbian which was her (lifestyle choice).

Not during the campaign or to date have either Ms. McCray or Mr. de Blasio responded to multiple requests from the Media for comments on this story.

It is still unclear how she [transitioned] from a self-described lesbian who was confident that she “had always been more attracted to women, both emotionally and physically, than to men” to being a political wife in a heterosexual marriage.

McCray and de Blasio were married in 1994 in Brooklyn. Today, the pair has invested 20 years into a traditional marriage with two children.

When asked about her sexuality she states that she hates “labels”. However she did open up to Good Day New York, saying “The story is that I’m married and have two children and that sexuality I think, is just a very fluid thing and it’s personal.”

There you have it…straight from the mouth of a high-ranking Political Liberal. If you’re born gay then only a Politically Correct Liberal is allowed to change their “lifestyle” anytime (they want) with impunity.

Next, President Obama’s special YouTube interview proceeding after Tuesday’s state of the union address in January, with a slip of the hypocrisy tongue, gave us crucial insight to how he and Liberals really feel about (not believing) Gays are born Gay. Here is the latest major, political Faux pas out of the mouth of our own President Obama saying that being Gay is a Lifestyle “choice” not DNA.

During that Thursdays YouTube interview with Obama and GloZell the subject of gay marriage came up and here is what Obama had to say on the topic. “I will tell you, people’s hearts have opened up on this issue. I think people know that treating folks unfairly, even if you disagree with their “lifestyle choice”, the fact of the matter is they’re not bothering you. Let them live their lives and under the law they should be treated equally.”

Gay marriage is a very serious issue on the docket to come before the Supreme Court April 28th, whose decision will affect all Christians, Christian business owners and essentially all Americans. The Supreme Court could use this proceeding to rewrite our first amendment. Our freedom of religion and freedom of speech are up for grabs here. The Supreme Court could go either way in their verdict but lately they have been leaning to the Left, thinking that they should amend the Constitution instead of doing their job to just interpret it.

Here are two explicit examples of disingenuous (born gay) thinking from influential government positions; The Mayor of New York City and his wife and the President of the United States both with gross double-standards applying a different set of principles to the people and quite another set of principles to themselves when it suits their own political agenda.

It appears crystal clear through the findings of such above that this administration’s (personal) not political thinking, evidenced by their own actions and rhetoric, agree with the Conservative Right- there is no GAY GENE. Although there may be a propensity genetically toward homosexuality there is no proof it exist in anyone’s DNA yet. For the time being it is used by this administration as a very savvy political tool to exonerate a “lifestyle choice”. It gives Obama power over another victim voter group to continue his Leftist agenda distracting us from his real goal, to rewrite our Constitution fundamentally changing America.