Let’s refresh our memory about what we were told was going on right after the Benghazi attack, since that was a long time ago. It was made clear the first week that this was an act of war and pre-planned terror attack. Hillary Clinton, and Jay Carney, the WH press Secretary, eventually fell in line, saying that it was not spontaneous but a“self evident” terror attack. A week after this the United Nations met in New York and President Obama lapsed back into narrative and said this: “I’ve made it clear the U.S. had nothing to do with the video and I believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity. It is an insult not only to Muslims but to Americans as well!”

The video was not seen by most Americans so we were not insulted but totally unaffected by it. Most Americans do not bow down to Mohammed, nor do they feel an apology was needed. As far as the Muslims hurt feelings, well they need to suck it up! We have 4 dead Americans and a night of betrayal by our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

We everyday literally have to put up with the freedom of speech and actions of Muslim radicals, atheists and Hollywood insulting our savior Jesus with crude pictures called Art. Displayed, are pictures of the cross in a jar of urine, or Christ on the cross with ants crawling on Him. A brand new movie soon to be released depicting Mary being “raped” and bearing Jesus, to make a mockery of the virgin birth. Will President Obama stand up and rebuke Hollywood for hurting Christian’s feelings?

So no, I for one am not insulted by a video that may or may not have insulted Muslim Radicals. I am insulted by this infantile masquerade of cover ups and excuses from our “missing in action President”, at the highest level of dereliction of duty and humanity.

He insinuated that the Muslims were barbaric but understandably so because their Prophet was insulted by the bad Americans with their freedom of speech. The Americans are idiots who don’t pay attention to the Middle East so he can go along his merry campaigning way and not skip a beat. Never mind that we pay them 2 Billion dollars out of every Americans pocket for them to protect our High Officials/Ambassador.

When I finally heard the White House admit it was a Terror attack I knew that word had been stuck in the President’s throat and he would be too cowardly to be the one to utter it. Although, it was said, it didn’t stop our President from spending over $70,000 American tax payer dollars for a commercial ad translated into Arabic to be aired across the Muslim Countries to yet again utter an apology for the video.

As I was pouring over the photographs of Ambassador Chris Stevens’ lifeless body and the Consulate I was sick to my stomach. I thought I was going to throw up! Off to the side of the pictures was the spam of President Obama on the David Letterman show laying back in his chair all smiles and arrogant asking for more campaign money. What audacity to blow $70,000 of our money on an apology to the Muslims and SQUAT to the families of the 4 dead Americans. HEARTLESS!
I haven’t forgotten the thick, black rubber melted to the consulate front door, or the blood stained hand print on the column to the entrance, the scorched concrete doorways, columns, rooftops or the skeletal remains of what looked like a car in the front. All evidence the use of rocket propelled grenade launchers and mortars were used in the attack. Making this no spontaneous protest but indeed a well- planned out insidious 911, revenge Terror attack. Viewing these pictures you have to ask yourself how did the “fantasy video,” protest story come into existence?

A week before the attack the Democrats were basting in the glow of the convention bounce. They had to add God and Jerusalem back to the platform in a pathetic 3 time shout out that ended in boo’s but they overcame and pushed through. They shouted GM is alive and Osama Bin Laden is dead. They showed a sky-high back drop of military ships and airplanes, proven to be a picture of the Russian fleet, of all things, and the President spoke of his foreign policies.

He enlightened and boasted to all who could hear how his; sanctions, decrease in military presence, not saying radical terrorists, and apologizing for western ways of freedom of speech would charm that side of the world into “loving” Americans.

Then an inconvenient reality hit in the middle of his bliss that not only had our Embassy been attacked but our Consulate and 4 Americans were dead. His campaign dream of riding on his foreign policy just got shattered and his record on the economy is abysmal.
I think he panicked, sent Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador for the UN, out to 5 Sunday networks to throw off the truth and buy him some time. He was hoping the Media would keep the cover up going by saying the FBI was investigating and could say no more until the investigation was complete, and that was that.

Once the flag burning and riots spread to 22 countries, via the Imam’s rallying the Muslims into the streets it became apparent to the American people that it was Terror attacks. Clearly the Muslim people didn’t care about Pres. Obama’s popularity during election season nor do they adhere to his policies. President Obama created this climate of anti-American sentiment with his lies and policies that failed miserably and blatantly. His story that Al Quaeda loss their strength and are on the run just played out before our eyes as dubious. This could no longer be a campaign chant because Al Quaeda is alive and strong!

It is recorded that the President missed 60% of his CIA intelligent briefings. You cannot just skim over them on your I-phone on your way to a campaign speech. Lives are lost when the President ditches (by choice) his number 1 job of protecting the American people putting his political ambitions first. Then he panics with a lie and a cover up and an apology because it didn’t agree with his campaign message.

I think his cover up will be unveiled soon. This President needs to learn that although the TRUTH may travel slow at first it spreads like wildfire when it’s finally released and leaves nothing unturned and no lie can ever stand up to it. President Obama I say to you to look down… your pants are on Fire.