Liberals control the White House, U.S. Senate, mainstream media, public schools, and major universities.  This being the case, one would expect liberals to be a happy lot, but they aren’t.  Liberals are angry because in spite of their best efforts they still have to share the planet with two groups they despise but cannot control: conservatives and Christians.

It is difficult for some conservatives and Christians to understand why the left’s attacks on them are so vitriolic and why their animosity is so virulent. After all, don’t liberals advocate for and promote diversity?  Does their advocacy not include diversity of thought and opinion?  Apparently not and nowhere is their animosity toward conservatives and Christians more prevalent than on the campuses of American colleges and universities, and if you happen to be a black conservative or Christian the volume really gets turned up.  Just ask conservative columnist, Crystal Wright.

In her article entitled, “Eat, Pray, Love, But Don’t Be a Black Conservative,” Wright discusses the propensity of the left to group all blacks together in one monolithic voting bloc and expect them to think, act, and vote the same.  When a black conservative breaks the mold of liberal stereotyping and refuses to toe the line of liberal orthodoxy, the knives come out.  According to Wright, “Don’t make the mistake as a black person like I did and choose to be a Republican because you believe in opportunity, educational freedom (school choice, vouchers, charter schools), economic growth, and small government.  If you do, you will be called awful names by black Democrats.  You will likely be hunted down by the ‘black police’ to determine if you are ‘black enough’ and subjected to relentless name calling and mocking…”

People from outside the academy often have a distorted view of what takes place on college campuses.  They tend to view colleges and universities as a places where diverse points of view are welcomed, and where bright people debate their differing views in a supportive and collegial environment.  In other words, they think the scholarly environment in higher education is what it should be.  When provided examples to the contrary, people are often shocked to have the truth about academic freedom revealed.  But conservatives and Christians on college campuses, whether students or professors, soon learn that academic freedom is a one-way street on which liberals control the traffic.

To take a peek behind the curtain erected around colleges and universities, consider just a few examples of the so-called intellectual discourse that occurs on campuses. For example, Peter Singer, a Bioethics professor from Princeton University said this about God: “If we don’t play God, who will? There seems to me to be three possibilities: there is a God, but He doesn’t care about evil and suffering; there is a God who cares, but He or She is a bit of an underachiever; or there is no God.  Personally, I believe the latter.”

Sentiments such as those expressed by Singer are not limited to faculty members at elite Ivy League institutions.  The faculties of many state universities are now dominated by leftist professors who share Singer’s views.  Professor Steven Weinberg of the University of Texas had this to say about religion: “I think in many respects religion is a dream—a beautiful dream often…But it’s a dream from which I think it’s about time we awoke.  Just as a child learns about the tooth fairy and is incited by that to leave a tooth under the pillow—and you are glad the child believes in the tooth fairy.  But eventually you want the child to grow up.”

People often ridicule that which they fear most, and liberals are no different.  The statements just quoted illustrate how irrational secular humanists can be in their fear of conservatives and Christians.  An objective observer might understandably ask: Why should liberals who clearly control every corner of the academy and much of society fear conservatives and Christians?  After all, Christians and conservatives on college campuses and in the public square want only to have their voices heard and to be allowed to participate in debates on political and socio-cultural issues.  Ah, but there is the rub.

Truth has a way of revealing itself no matter how hard those who find the truth inconvenient work to suppress it.  Given a place at the table, the views of conservatives and Christians will win converts if the audience is composed of thinking people.  Liberals, of course, want to guard against this at all costs because it would represent a loss of control.  Consequently, liberals cannot afford to have well-informed conservatives and Christians asking inconvenient questions during open and free debates.  Better to suppress their views through ridicule and intimidation, a tactic liberals on college campuses have perfected.  (Quotes from Professor Singer and Weinberg came from the book, Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth, WND Books).