Liberals pride themselves on being open-minded or, better said, what they think of as being open-minded. Correspondingly, they deride conservatives for being closed to new ideas that might require them to change their minds. Of course, this is a mischaracterization of conservatives. For liberals, being open-minded means to be open to their beliefs and only their beliefs; not to a wide range of possibilities. In reality, an open-minded person is one who is willing to consider different points of view, listen to differing opinions, and attempt different solutions. A true liberal will, of course, do all three of these things but herein can be observed the gist of the issue.
Few people who call themselves liberals in today’s toxic political environment actually fit the traditional definition of the term. In fact, today’s liberals are the most intellectually intolerant people on the planet. Differ with a liberal in the current environment and you are immediately subjected to ridicule, degradation, and character assassination. Evidence of this claim is so pervasive that I will not waste column space proving the obvious. Rather, for the sake of argument I am going to give “liberals” the benefit of the doubt and accept that they are, indeed, open-minded—so open-minded in fact that their brains have fallen out. So-called liberal open-mindedness has led to some of the most ironic, ridiculous, and nonsensical anomalies imaginable. Here are just a few:
• Liberals are open-minded about immigration. Now we have immigrants becoming terrorists and carrying out despicable acts in which innocent Americans—including children—are brutally slaughtered. But it would not be open-minded to check more carefully the backgrounds of immigrants who come to America from terrorist hotbeds around the world or to monitor them a little longer and more closely before granting them citizenship.
• Liberals are open-minded about giving immigrants access to welfare and other government benefits. Now we learn that the Marathon Bombers financed their dastardly terrorist plot using government entitlements paid for by the very taxpayers they killed and maimed. I wonder if the grieving families want to thank liberal politicians for their open-mindedness.
• Liberals are open-minded about allowing underage school girls to have abortions without parental consent or even notification, but the same little girls cannot even get an aspirin at school or take a field trip without the written consent of their parents.
• Liberals are open-minded about not punishing people who enter America illegally but they pass laws that force taxpaying American citizens to be arrested for hunting or fishing without a license.
• Liberals are open-minded about the teaching of Darwinian evolution—so open-mined in fact that they demand it be taught to the exclusion of creationism or intelligent design. But while vocally proclaiming the supposed wisdom of Darwinism, liberals will pass economy-killing regulations to protect snail darters and other creatures from one of the natural consequences of Darwinian evolution: extinction.
• Liberals are open-minded about foreign aid—so open-minded they are willing to give the new leaders of Egypt (leaders who are uncomfortably cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood) twenty F-16 fighters, while simultaneously trying to take guns, magazines, and ammunition away from American citizens.
• Liberals are open-minded about catering to the customs of Islamic citizens, immigrants, and visitors. In fact, they are so open-minded they will allow Muslim women in hijabs to walk right through airport security, but will strip-search an 80 year-old, wheelchair-bound women dressed in the traditional garb of an American grandmother.
• Liberals are open-minded about sex. In fact, they so open-minded that they demand that underage students in public schools be required to take explicit sex education classes which include lessons on homosexual sex. But if a young boy tells a young girl she is pretty, he can be expelled for sexual harassment.
• Liberals are open-minded about “helping” people who don’t have jobs. In fact, they are so open-minded they provide them ninety-nine weeks of unemployment, Medicaid, EBT cards, WIC checks, subsidized, housing, and free cell phones while punishing entrepreneurs and business leaders who create jobs.
By now you probably get the picture. Liberals are open-minded—so open-minded that their brains have fallen out.