Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) on Wednesday urged the White House to fire Jeffrey Immelt as jobs czar if the General Electric CEO doesn’t step down.

Kucinich said GE’s business practices — including aggressive efforts to minimize corporate taxes and a recent deal with China that could eliminate U.S. jobs — make Immelt unfit to counsel the president on job-creation strategies.

“Jeffrey Immelt has a conflict of interest,” Kucinich said in a statement. “He cannot ethically advise the president on how to create American jobs and promote American competitiveness, while at the same time leading a company that is exporting American technology and, along with it, American jobs.”

Immelt and GE have come under fire in recent days after The Washington Post reported the company is solidifying a deal to deliver aerospace technology — developed partly by NASA — to Chinese engineers in return for a foot in the door to China’s emerging airline market.

GE has said the deal is too lucrative to pass up, but critics contend it will put additional pressures on U.S. airline manufacturers, such as Boeing, at a time when those companies are providing valuable domestic jobs amid an unemployment crisis.

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