Any time you hear a liberal use the term “tolerance” be assured that what is really meant is “conformity.” Liberals will tolerate anyone and anything as long as it conforms to their way of thinking or somehow promotes their nefarious agenda. Consequently, liberal elites just cannot abide the beliefs of old-fashioned, Bible-believing Christians. I use the term “old-fashioned” here because many Churches today have been invaded by liberals whose views range far from the tenets of Holy Scripture. In too many churches these days, the congregations follow the ever-changing trends of society rather than the unchanging laws of God. However, even with the watering down of Christianity in America, nothing gets the goat of liberal elites faster than someone who openly espouses Christian doctrine rather than meekly accepting leftwing dogma.

Tolerance is the favorite word of liberal elites in contemporary American society. What tolerance is supposed to mean is openness to differences—differences for example in such things as race, gender, politics, religion, and opinion. But what the term has come to mean in actual practice is something much different. In fact, tolerance is just liberal code for conformity and, the beliefs that tolerant liberals insist everyone else conform to are theirs. Here is what Governor Mike Huckabee has to say about the left’s so-called tolerance of diversity in his new book, God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy: “If the value of diversity is exposure to multiple points of view to enable the free examination of a full range of ideas, then we are going the wrong way by shutting down those whose beliefs aren’t in sync with the elites. The only beneficiaries: elites who want to stay in power. One wonders if George Orwell was an author or a prophet.”

Here are just a few examples of how tolerant liberals really are: 1) If you are opposed to same-sex marriage, liberals don’t even want to hear why—they simply label you a hate-filled homophobe; 2) If you are opposed to abortion, liberals are not interested in your rationale— you are simply labeled a latter-day Nazi making war on women; 3) If you are opposed to Affirmative Action liberals won’t even listen to your rationale—they just label you a racist; and 4) If you hold to traditional Biblical doctrine, liberals treat you like a slow-witted oaf and categorize you as a narrow-minded bigot. The list of examples could go on, but you get the picture.

Tolerant liberals are, in fact, the least tolerant people on the planet. They will tolerate no one whose views are at odds with liberal orthodoxy. To liberals, views that do not comport with theirs are by definition wrong and those who hold the offending views are bad. The hard truth is that liberal elites are happy to have other people believe anything they want as long as it passes their smell test—if it smells right to a liberal it must be right and if it doesn’t it must be wrong. A corollary to the smell test is that if liberal elites are offended by an individual’s beliefs, that individual must be attacked, his character assassinated, and his well-being threatened. One point of view that does not pass the smell test of liberal elites is the traditional Christian worldview. In fact, nothing in American society flunks the test faster or more decidedly than Christianity. This, of course, is why tolerant liberals are so intolerant of Christians.

Here is what Governor Huckabee has to say about liberal tolerance of Christianity in his new book: “…as much as there is a great divide in this country between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots,’ there is also a great chasm between the ‘believes’ and the ‘believe-nots.’ And increasingly the ‘believes’ in America have come to feel like cultural lepers—untouchables and undesirables—and an embarrassment to their fellow Americans who equate the holding of traditional views on marriage, religion, family, patriotism, and even the rule of law and the Constitution with ignorance and superstition. The snobbery and bold bigotry aimed at the ‘believes’ goes unchecked and unchallenged by the ‘believe-nots’ who call themselves ‘mainstream.’”

The Governor goes on to make the point that America is rapidly becoming like the old Soviet Union, Cuba, and Communist China—places in which the Christian Church was forced to be an underground movement. But while religious intolerance is ebbing in these Communist countries, it is growing in America. Huckabee writes: “At the rate we are going, churches will one day have to go underground here to protect themselves from a totalitarian government and a ‘tolerant’ culture that shamelessly censors dissent and acts with open bigotry and hatred toward people of faith…all in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance.’”

As a veteran, there are many times when the actions of anti-military, anti-American liberals offend me. However, although I typically disagree with the often wrong-headed actions of unpatriotic, unappreciative liberals, I am quick to defend their First Amendment right to have their say no matter how ill-informed, illogical, or fact-challenged it may be. After all, one does not need to defend opinions and actions that do not offend someone. Although I defend the First Amendment rights of all Americans, including liberals, to express their views, liberals do not reciprocate when it comes to my Christian views. I learned a long time ago in high school debate that an individual who cannot effectively defend his position has a weak position. I also learned that an individual who refuses to even debate his position has no position at all or, worse yet, has one but knows it is not valid and, hence, not defensible. The intolerance of “tolerant” liberals is indefensible.