I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read this headline in the Washington Times: “Harvard faculty, previously pro-Obamacare, up in arms over health cost hikes.” On one hand I wanted to laugh at these liberal professors—every one of whom is an Obama supporter and was, until recently, an Obamacare supporter. On the other hand I wanted to shake my head in disgust at their naivety and ask, “How could so many supposedly bright people be so dense? People who are not blinded by political bias or blind party loyalty have been warning Americans about higher insurance premiums from the outset.” In the final analysis, rather than laugh or cry I decided to use this column to give the faculty members at Harvard some badly needed reality checks.

The first reality the Harvard faculty failed to grasp is that supporting Barack Obama’s campaign for the purpose of making a socio-cultural statement about race in America without even asking if he would make a good president was just plain dumb. Dumb is hardly a word one would expect to see applied to Harvard professors, but dumb is the perfect descriptor in this case because it is certainly dumb for smart people to allow their judgment to be clouded by political bias and their critical thinking skills to be overshadowed by leftwing presuppositions. Even a high school dropout knows that the job of President of the United States is too important to be used for making a cultural statement; no matter how worthy that statement might be.

Barack Obama was obviously unprepared for the job of President of the United States. In spite of this, liberals in higher education such as the Harvard professors in question supported Obama enthusiastically and without the reservations thinking people should have had. Now they are angry because the ill-prepared president they supported in two elections has implemented an ineffective, ill-conceived, expensive healthcare policy. How can these professors now claim to be surprised? Incompetent presidents are going to implement ill-conceived policies. After all, they are incompetent.

Here is another reality check for the disgruntled Harvard professors. When people knowingly allow themselves to be lied to, they have no right to complain when the lies come back to haunt them. This is precisely what has happened to the angry Harvard professors. The president these professors so enthusiastically supported lied to them, and they should have known he was lying all along. One of the characteristics of bright, highly-educated people is that they have critical thinking skills. Consequently, they are supposed to be able to detect when they are being lied to and when common sense, logic, and reason are at odds with political rhetoric.

The angry professors in question have these skills, but when it comes to the rhetoric of Barack Obama they simply shut them down and do not use them. You see, liberal elites in America had to know that Barack Obama was lying about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but they made the mistake of thinking Obama was lying to the rest of us, not to them. True liberals that they are the Harvard professors did not mind the president lying to lesser beings—the rest of us—but they became incensed when they finally figured out he had lied to them too. When a liberal president lies to the rest of America to advance his leftwing agenda, liberal elites such as the angry Harvard professors accept his action as a noble lie—lying for what they consider a good cause. But when they are lied to, the president’s distortions apparently lose their nobility.

Another reality check the disgruntled Harvard professors should observe is that supporting presidential policies simply because you like the president in question is like allowing inappropriate behavior from some of your students because you like them. As the angry Harvard professors have now learned, bad policy is bad policy no matter who proposes it. Had the ACA been proposed by Republicans, these same professors would have rejected it out of hand. In fact, they would have been among the first to point out the glaring discrepancies between what was promised and what was obviously going to happen. But political bias is a powerful force—as powerful as addictive drugs to some—and liberal elites, caught up in the clutches of political bias, have allowed their judgment to be clouded concerning Barack Obama and his presidency.

Another reality check for the Harvard professors who have been stung by the president’s ill-conceived healthcare policy has to do with one of the most sacred principles of liberals: spending other people’s money while refusing to spend their own. When it comes to paying the price for big government and government interference in the private sector, liberals are no different than the rest of us. If other working Americans have to pay higher insurance premiums, why shouldn’t these liberal elitists on Harvard’s faculty. But this expectation of sharing the burden is a foreign concept to liberal elites. For the angry Harvard professors, Obamacare was just fine as long as the costs associated with it applied to others. But once they learned that their insurance premiums would increase just like the premiums of everyone else who already had health insurance, the ACA became personal—and unacceptable.

My message to these Harvard professors who are angry at Barack Obama is simple: Stop whining. You are finally learning that there is a price to pay for your blind loyalty to a liberal president. If your health insurance premiums have skyrocketed, it’s your fault and you deserve the higher premiums. After all, what did you think was going to happen? You are all highly educated professionals who are supposed to be critical thinkers, yet you allowed yourselves to be lied to, exploited, and hoodwinked by a president who took advantage of your liberal bias. Those of us who do not blindly and adoringly support President Obama like mindless sheep have been trying to tell you what was going to happen for two years now. You refused to listen, now you are paying the price. Don’t despair, though. There is hope if you are willing to change. If you will send me your mailing addresses, I will forward a stack of voter registration forms. Just check the box that says “Republican” and drop it off at your local election supervisor’s office.