Have you ever known someone who no matter what the problem might be manages to make matters worse by their involvement?  Most of us have known someone who fits this description, but you wouldn’t think the description would apply to a whole class of people. Unfortunately it does.  That class of people is liberals.  When it comes to socio-political action, there is nothing that so-called progressives can’t mess up.  In fact, there are few things in contemporary American society they have not already messed up.

Liberals in America have made a complete mess of education, culture, the military, the economy, and religion. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to claim that when liberals are in power—Congress, the presidency, and the courts—they invariably use their power in ways that are misguided in the short term and destructive in the long term. What is ironic about the mess liberals have made of America’s most important institutions is that they actually think they are making improvements.  However, even a cursory look at the supposed improvements liberals have made to just one of America’s foundational institutions—public education—shows that their definition of “improvements” is distorted at best.

Liberals have transformed America’s public schools and colleges from institutions that one time prepared people to be self-sufficient, contributing citizens in a diverse society into leftwing indoctrination centers that see multiculturalism and sheep-like compliance as their goals.  Thanks to liberals it is now perfectly acceptable for a student to graduate from high school unable to speak, read, write, compute, or think at a functional level, provided, of course, he is willing to toe the line of liberal orthodoxy on a laundry list of leftwing causes (e.g. abortion, homosexual marriage, the redistribution of wealth, etc.).   To a liberal, having a dependable constituency of mushy-headed, easily influenced sheep is the goal of public education, not intellectual, civic, and personal development.  In fact, a critical thinking high school or college graduate represents a serious threat to liberals. It is not just public education where liberals have undermined America’s institutions. The left has had the same kind of destructive influence on America’s culture, military, economy, and religion—or more accurately said—Christianity.

Liberals are convinced they can transform America into a utopian society by simply passing laws and enacting regulations that Americans are forced to comply with by a coercive government—a government controlled by liberals, of course.  The last known utopia was the Garden of Eden and we all know how that turned out.  Apparently no amount of hard evidence to the contrary will sway liberals from their steadfast determination to re-create the world in their own image, even if a substantial and growing number of Americans reject that image.  The views of those of us who don’t buy the idea of creating an American utopia through social engineering and leftwing politics are simply brushed aside by liberal elites who are convinced of their intellectual and moral superiority.

Liberals are like those snobby sales clerks in upscale clothing stores who tell you what you should buy whether you like the item or not, because, of course, they know better.  It matters not a whit to them that you are the one paying the bill and the one who will have to live with the purchase.  This is liberalism in a nutshell.  Liberals are not concerned about the taxpayers who have to foot the bill for their misguided attempts at social engineering and who have to live with the destructive results of their leftwing policies because who are we to question their superior knowledge or good intentions? Stalin applied the same logic in the former Soviet Union where he created a socialist “utopia” that: 1) was never a utopia in the first place (I wish we could ask the 20 million Soviet citizens he murdered what they thought of Stalin’s utopia, and 2)took just 60 years to implode (It would have fallen sooner had Western Democracies, including the United States, not propped it up).

Here is why liberals never seem to get it right: 1) they refuse to acknowledge that there is no utopia this side of heaven, and 2) the utopian society they envision is a hoax—it is a fantasyland that would not be a utopia in the first place.  Americans of all stripes are smarter than liberals think.  They don’t need presumptuous liberal elites to tell them what they should want or how they should live.  Further, Americans know when they are being asked to pay the bill for leftwing programs they don’t want and that don’t work.  Perhaps in 2014 and 2016 American citizens will send a powerful message to those who think they know better than the rest of us.