There apparently is nothing the liberal media will not do to advance its anti-America agenda.  One of the media’s favorite tactics is to attack America’s Founding Fathers claiming they were all a bunch of racists, bigots, and slaveholders.  Of the 56 singers of the Declaration of Independence, the majority were actually anti-slavery advocates who introduced emancipation legislation or founded antislavery societies.  Liberal media mavens know these facts, but they do not want you or your school-aged children to know them.

In the last two decades, the media has focused much of the venom it feels for our Founders on Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence and an acknowledged slaveholder.  What turned the media’s attention to Jefferson like sharks that smell blood in the water was the infamous Sally Hemings affair.  According to legend, myth, and gossip, Jefferson was supposed to have fathered children with one of his slaves, Sally Heming.              In 1998 the journal Science released the results of a DNA test the journal claimed proved that Jefferson was the father of one of Hemings’ children.  The media, of course, jumped on the story and gave it top billing and the widest possible circulation.  Their stories had the desired effect.  Try this test. Ask any five people if they believe that Thomas Jefferson fathered children with his slave, Sally Heming.  I did this just prior to writing this article and all five answered “yes” without a moment’s hesitation.  Three of them added that it had been proven by DNA.  This uniformity in feedback shows the power of the press to deceive and the importance of what, sadly, has become an oxymoron: journalistic ethics.

To put it tactfully, America was duped by the media on this issue.  Just eight weeks after the DNA story broke in the media, it had to be retracted.   As it turned out, the researcher who originally made the claim about Thomas Jefferson admitted the test actually exonerated the former president.  I doubt you ever heard this part of the story in the mainstream media.  Here is what historian David Barton had to say about the purposefully quiet retraction: “…this news exonerating Jefferson did not make the same splash in the national headlines, for it aided no agenda being advanced at that time (by the left).  Since doing justice to Jefferson’s reputation was not deemed to be a worthy national consideration in and of itself, the retraction story was simply buried or ignored.”

So, if it was not Thomas Jefferson, who fathered the Hemings children, who was the father of children who had definite Jeffersonian features?  A thirteen-member panel of leading scholars on the subject was assembled to examine the DNA evidence as well as other historical evidence.  The majority of the members of this panel began their work convinced that Thomas Jefferson was, indeed, the father of Sally Hemings’ children.  However, after a thorough examination of the evidence the panel concluded that Jefferson’s younger brother, Randolph Jefferson, was the most likely the culprit.

Historian and genealogist, Herbert Barger, who assisted in the DNA testing said: My study indicates to me that Thomas Jefferson was NOT the father of Eston or any other Hemings child.  The DNA study…indicates that Randolph is possibly the father of Eston and maybe the others.  Three of the Hemings children were given names of the Randolph family.”  PBS and The Washington Post had this information exonerating Jefferson in their possession when they ran their stories claiming he was the father.  I wonder what Thomas Jefferson would think of freedom of the press now?