It would hard to find a more Alice-in-Wonderland-like phenomenon than liberal logic. A more apt description of liberal logic is liberal lunacy, and examples of this phenomenon abound.   For example, liberals like to call themselves “progressives.”  The Free dictionary defines progressivism as “Promoting progress toward better conditions…”  If Barack Obama and crowd are progressives, then the concept of “better conditions” means higher unemployment, more Americans on welfare, an insurmountable national debt, weakness in foreign relations, and domestic policies that hurt the very people they were enacted to help. These things are not progress.  They are lunacy—liberal lunacy.

Examples of liberal lunacy abound.  For example, liberals in Hollywood make gratuitously violent movies while decrying the amount of violence in American society.  They turn out a steady supply of shoot-‘em-up movies while supporting the anti-gun lobby and trying to overturn the Second Amendment.  What is even worse is that these vacuous Hollywood hypocrites don’t even see the irony in their say-one-thing-but-do-another approach to life.  This is liberal lunacy.

Only liberals would hold $25,000 a plate fund raisers where they listen to leftwing candidates who arrive in limos pontificate about poor Americans who don’t have enough to eat.  Only liberals would demand millions for making pointless, mindless movies that have the intellectual depth of a sheet of paper while speaking out at every opportunity on the evils of greed in America.  Only liberals would support candidates who denounce corporate greed and then, once elected, spend the rest of their careers pandering to people who greedily lust after every dime they can pilfer from the federal treasury.  What is even worse is that while complaining about the “greed” of hardworking taxpayers who question the forced redistribution of wealth, liberals give substantially less to charity than do conservatives and Christians.  Not only can liberals glibly take such contradictory stands, they can do so with a straight face and no sense of embarrassment, much less shame.  This is liberal lunacy.

Only a liberal would have the audacity to accuse America of being a racist nation that discriminates against blacks when we have a black president, black attorney general, and 18 percent of the federal workforce is black, while only 12 percent of the population is black.  While I am on the subject of race, only a white liberal would have the blatant audacity to tell a black conservative he isn’t “black enough.” Further, only a liberal would be so presumptuous as to tell a black conservative he is not really black because he does not toe the line of liberal orthodoxy.  This is liberal lunacy.

Only a liberal would call the murder of unarmed military personnel by a Muslim fanatic “workplace violence” instead of what it is: an act of terrorism.  Only a liberal would respond to terrorist bombings that kill and maim countless Americans by worrying that there might be a backlash against Muslims.  Only a liberal—Barack Obama for example—would make such an absurd statement as: “…Islam has always been a part of America’s history.”  Oh really Mr. President?  Which one of our Founders was a Muslim? Which signer of the Declaration was a Muslim?  Which author of the Constitution was a Muslim?  How many companies of soldiers under George Washington were made up of Muslims?  Where were the Muslims during World War II (Oops, Mr. President—they supported Adolph Hitler).  Where were the Muslims during the Civil Rights battles against Jim Crow (those were Jews walking with Dr. King at Selma, not Muslims)? This is liberal lunacy.

Only a liberal would chastise the people who pay 86 percent of all taxes in America for being unwilling to pay their “fair share” while coddling and pandering to people who pay no taxes.  Only a liberal would oppose requiring an ID to vote but support requiring an ID to buy cigarettes or alcohol.  Only a liberal politician—one like Barack Obama—would extol the virtues of public education while sending his children to private schools and see no contradiction in his actions.  This is liberal lunacy.

Liberal lunacy is a fact of life in America because those who are responsible for calling liberals on their hypocritical words and actions are liberals themselves.  The mainstream media—those entrusted with the responsibility for pointing out the hypocrisy, lies, and falsehoods of politicians—have not just abdicated, they have joined forces with those they should be guarding the public against. This is the ultimate in liberal lunacy.