I live in Oregon, just south of what is sometimes called the People’s Republic of Portland. When I moved here in 1989, the mayor of Portland was a Republican, so was the previous 2-term Governor, both U.S. senators (including the one with the greatest seniority – Mark Hatfied), the state house and the state senate. Obviously that has changed over time. Oregon now votes liberal (mainly because of Multnomah County, where Portland is, and where a large chunk of the population is) and all but one congressman (representing the rural part of Oregon) of the aforementioned elected officials are democrat.

Most of the rest of Oregon is conservative. But I even had my Romney sticker just before the 2012 election torn off of my car … at church (in Portland)! So much for free speech.

But an interesting thing happened in the election on Tuesday. Even though nearly all of the voting for all the candidates and state measures was liberal and democrat, there was one exception – Measure 88. “88 Provides Oregon resident ‘driver card’ without requiring proof of legal presence in the United States.” I’m happy to say that the measure was beaten badly – 67.4% No, and 32.6% Yes – while nearly all other measures and offices received a liberal majority.

And if that is the case in liberal Oregon, what does that say about the stance of the public in the rest of the country? I think that this was a big factor in the “Republican wave” in Tuesday’s election. People don’t approve of the illegal methods by which many immigrants come here. I mean those laws were made as they were for a reason. And then when non-English speaking people come here and try to survive, they often resort to crime, as we see on the News. (But I don’t see where rape is a survival issue.) For example in California where two policemen were killed by an illegal alien who had been deported twice. I mean do we care at all about our fellow citizens being victims of crime?

And to add insult to injury, I personally can’t stand, “For English Press 1” and then the gibberish that follows. I can’t press 1 quick enough when I hear that.

If I were president I would first secure the borders. Then I would tell the heads of the countries where these illegals are coming from (and who sometimes die in the process of getting here) – “We’ve got a problem. And the problem is in your country. If you need help building your economy to where people can make a living, then we will send you advisors to help you resolve that problem. And U.S. companies can even invest in your economy (at a profit for them of course) to get your economy kick-started. But we will no longer tolerate the massively bad effect your emmigrants are causing our country.”

And by the voting results, I think that most of the rest of the country feels the same way. Hopefully the new leadership will make sure that this problem stops.

Dennis Marcellino is the author of The Plague Of Liberalism (www.ThePlagueOfLiberalism.com). His other books, CDs and DVDs can be seen at www.LighthouseBooksAndMusic.com.