Barack Obama began his first term as president telling the world that America had much to apologize for. His first world tour saw the president bowing to Muslim leaders who despise the United States and apologizing to European nations we saved from Nazi tyranny. This attitude that America is the world’s biggest bad guy permeates the thinking of the American left. Liberals fail to see the irony in constantly carping about America while enjoying the freedoms and opportunities it provides. The Founders that left-leaning professors, teachers, and political commentators love to criticize were the very patriots who put their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor on the line to ensure that unappreciative liberals would have the freedom to demonize our country without fear of retribution.

Liberal revisionist historians have rewritten the textbooks and curriculums used in America’s public schools so that the heroes who built our great nation are portrayed as pariahs, that is if they are mentioned at all. Consequently, public school students spend 12 years learning that the United States is a bad place founded by bad people who are guilty of bad deeds. Not only is this an inaccurate depiction of our nation’s history, it is wrong-headed in the extreme. Love of country is an essential ingredient in the mix of factors that together build national unity and loyalty, that ensure the willingness of citizens to fight for our country when it is under attack; and in this age of international terrorism, America is always under attack. But if you listen to liberals or read public school textbooks, America is unworthy of the loyalty of its citizens.

What got me to thinking about the left’s we-hate-America syndrome is a new book just out by my good friend, Dr. Paul Hsu. Paul is a legal immigrant from Taiwan who came to our country as a young man seeking the American dream. Like so many other legal immigrants, through hard work, tenacity, sacrifice, and perseverance Paul achieved his dream of being a successful entrepreneur. He also passed his work ethic and love of America on to his children, all of whom are also successful entrepreneurs. His new book, Guardians of the Dream, expresses Paul’s belief that legal immigrants like him see the greatness and goodness of America better than native born citizens; hence, the title of his book. Paul is concerned that native-born Americans have either given up on the American dream or, worse yet, don’t even know about it. He is concerned that America is becoming a country in which it is the legal immigrants like him who will have to be the “guardians” of the American dream.

Here is a quote from page one of Guardians of the Dream: “Americans say they are fed up. Poll after poll reflects dissatisfaction, outrage, and despair. Many no longer see the United States as the greatest country in the world. Many feel like victims of forces they can’t control. Many have lost faith in the adage that if they work hard and play by the rules, they’ll get ahead—which is the very definition of the American dream. People have given up on Old Glory.” He cites a poll in which 63 percent of college students state their belief that the American dream is dead.

Paul is astute enough to realize that much of what is causing the American dream to be lost to cynicism and despair can be laid at the feet of the liberal element in our country. He states: “This pessimism may be fueled by the burden of student debt; the weak job picture; and the continuing maelstrom of negative news, political polarization, and resulting antipathy.” Each of the negative elements in this statement is the result of liberal policies and programs. For example, student loan debt is crippling the hopes of college graduates because: 1) Students who lack the good sense to consider the consequences borrow too much money to pay college costs that are too high while pursuing college degrees in fields that have little or no market potential; 2) Students who complete their college degrees are unable to find good jobs because liberal policies and regulations are killing the high-value jobs while simultaneously converting work into a part-time enterprise; and 3) Left-leaning mainstream media outlets continue to portray traditional America values—the values that built out country and made it great—in the worst possible light while portraying the destructive values of the left as if they have been sent down from on high.

Paul makes the obvious point that if America were as bad as liberals like to claim it is we would not have an illegal immigration problem. To counter the anti-American claims of the left, Paul asks a question: “What does this country have that can’t be found anywhere else in the world?” Then he answers his own question by listing the following factors he believes are unique to America: freedom, ingenuity, integrity, opportunity, and inclusion. As hard as it may try, the left has been unable to eliminate these critical factors from American society, and as long as these factors still exist the United States will continue to be the destination of choice for those who want to build a better life.

Paul explains that freedom, ingenuity, integrity, opportunity, and inclusion were the factors that convinced him to immigrate to America and become an American. Concerning freedom, Paul states “The American Dream promised that you could believe what you chose, speak your mind even when your opinions were unpopular, live where you wanted, and freely elect the people who run the government.” Concerning ingenuity, Paul states “America is the only country in the world where you can arrive with nothing and become an entrepreneur. In fact, it is encouraged.”

Concerning integrity, Paul states “If you have never done business internationally, you may not fully appreciate the high level of integrity in American businesses. In many other countries, bribery is a daily thing, often built into the system. He states further that in America “we have infrastructure built around fair play and ethics. Our practices are based on the rule of law and common decency.” Immigrants are often pleasantly surprised to see crooked businessmen and politicians go to jail for doing things that are just a normal part of doing business in their former countries.

Concerning opportunity, Paul states “America is a place committed to solving problems. We have that ‘can-do’ spirit…American opportunity is not just about solving problems but also envisioning a better future.” Paul states that America has an “opportunity culture.” He says our culture is “always looking ahead, thinking about how to improve the quality of life of our loved ones and society. That’s the American way.”

Concerning inclusion, Paul states “Gallup reports that 150 million people—one in 30 of the world population—would like to leave their countries permanently and move to the United States. They cite freedom, opportunity, and the potential for achieving prosperity.” He goes on to explain that in spite of the controversy over immigration, “America remains the most welcoming place for immigrants. Our communities adapt to other cultures. We embrace them and make them our own.” Paul’s book is available at I recommend that you buy a copy and give it to a liberal. Who knows, maybe some of what Paul says in his book will get through.