America is the most diverse nation in the world.  People from all over the globe have come to America seeking freedom, liberty, and opportunity.  This diversity can be a valuable asset or a costly liability.  The difference comes in how we handle it.  All Americans have a stake in the diversity of our population being handled in a way that makes it an asset.  Unfortunately, that is not happening.  Why? Because liberals don’t really want diversity.  Liberals make a lot of noise about diversity, but their actions belie their words. What liberals really want vis-à-vis diversity is to be seen as champions of racial and ethnic groups.  An unbiased reader might reasonably ask how I come to such a conclusion. It’s simple.  I ignore the flowery words of liberals on this topic and, instead, focus on their actions.  Consider just a few of the actions that reveal where liberals really stand on the subject of diversity:

  • Liberals promote and adopt government policies that force people who fill out forms, applications, and other documents to self-identify on the basis of race and ethnicity as well as other diversity-related factors.
  • Liberals undermine the foundational beliefs set forth in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, beliefs that could give diverse peoples some important common ground.
  • Liberals work hard to prevent the establishment of a common language in America (i.e. English) in spite of the fact that sharing a common language is the most effective factor known for bringing diverse peoples together.
  • Liberals view people as members of racial and ethnic groups as opposed to viewing them as individuals.
  • Liberals enact federal government programs that are open only to minorities.

America’s founders had the right idea when they coined our national motto: E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one).  However, our founders could not possibly have anticipated how liberals would twist, distort, and undermine this concept.  Specifically, our founders could not have anticipated the federal government making self-segregation the norm when filling out forms, responding to the national census, or applying for jobs.  How can diverse groups of Americans possibly come together as one when their government forces them to self-segregate according to race and ethnicity?  Liberals have transformed America’s motto from E Pluribus Unum to E Unum Pluribus.

People can be different in a lot of ways and still come together in harmony provided they share a set of common beliefs.  There was a time when the glue that held Americans of different races and ethnic backgrounds together was their belief in the freedoms set forth in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  These two documents provide a concise but explicit summary of the fundamental beliefs that make being an American different from being a citizens of any other country. Consequently, one would expect that America’s public schools, as well as its colleges and universities, would teach the values and principles of freedom, liberty, and democracy set forth in these documents.  Not only is this not happening, but liberals are using our public schools, colleges, and universities—institutions they dominate and control—to tear down everything our founding documents stood for; the very principles that made America the greatest nation on earth.

As for the diverse peoples who make up the American population having a common language, designating English as America’s official language would go a long way toward making this a reality.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  It’s not.  Few things will get the goat of liberals in Congress faster than the mere mention of making English the official language of America.  To even suggest such a thing is to invite charges of racism, discrimination, and bias.  By the way, making these kinds of unwarranted charges is what liberals do when they cannot debate the point of contention on the basis of logic, reason, or facts.  Yelling racism is the liberal’s version of a child sticking out his tongue and yelling nana-nana boo boo.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is remembered best for his stirring challenge that all Americans should judge each other according to character rather than skin color.  The message implicit in his challenge was that people are individuals and should be viewed that way rather than as faceless members of racial or ethnic groups.  Unfortunately, liberals still insist on viewing people as members of racial and ethnic groups as if people in these groups are uniformly alike rather than being individuals with their own personalities, talents, and character traits.  In truth, liberals view people in this way because they think of racial and ethnic groups as voting blocs rather than as groups of individuals with their own brains, hearts, and souls.

Finally, in an attempt to keep members of racial and ethnic groups on the Democrat plantation, liberals enact federal programs that not only favor minorities but bar non-minorities from participating.  Such programs are examples of government enforced discrimination.  An example of such a program is the Section 8A program through which minority owned businesses are able to receive government contracts or subcontracted portions of government contracts without having to bid for them in the open marketplace.  Ostensibly the 8A program is designed to allow minority owned businesses to learn the ropes before having to compete for work in the open marketplace.  But there are several problems with this concept: 1) It does not work very well. Most 8A companies get by during their five years of hand-holding from the government, but soon fail after they “graduate” from the program; 2) The 8A program has been more effective at turning people into “minorities” than in turning minority businesses into successes.  To get on the 8A gravy train, lots of people suddenly discover they are minorities; and 3) The 8A program’s administrators refuse to acknowledge that non-minority small businesses need just as much help getting started as minority-owned businesses.

If you have occasion to talk with a liberal about the subject of diversity, point out how his words are at odds with his actions.  Cite a few examples.  Those presented in this column are just the tip of the iceberg.  You probably know of additional examples.  Having made this recommendation, let me now present a version of one of those truth-in-advertising disclaimers: Pointing out the obvious disconnects between liberal words and actions will make you feel good for a brief period of time, but it will do absolutely no good.  Liberals see no problem with saying one thing and doing another.  In fact, this is their trademark.