Like the denizens of Tokyo fleeing before the steady approach of Godzilla, former supporters of liberal policies are running as fast as they can from the results.

In California, where voters never met a socialist they didn’t like, at least seven cities have either filed or are planning on filing for bankruptcy because of the crushing debt brought on by union contracts, bloated pensions and excessive borrowing.

In the northern part of the state, the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 in favor of a declaration of secession from the state due to what they see as a lack of representation and excessive regulation by “der statists” in Sacramento.

On the federal level, Godzilla is taking the form of Obamacare, scheduled to sit on the American economy within weeks.

If you ignore the liberal media, then you probably know that for the past year  businesses large and small were laying off workers, holding off on new hires and cutting employee hours to avoid the coming 10-ton yoke that is the Affordable Care Act.

Obama has exempted his friends and favored employees. Congress has exempted itself and its aides.

Insurance companies have opted out of many of the state exchanges mandated by the law due to demands on pricing for policies that are required to be packed with benefits that an average customer may not even need.

Now, even the unions that aggressively lobbied for the monster that is Obamacare are realizing their grave error. After being such good little soldiers for Obama and denying reports of Obamacare’s economic impacts, union leaders are finally, reluctantly admitting the truth.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka recently said in an interview aired on Al Jazeera — the news outlet where liberals hope conservatives fear to tread — that employers are “restructuring their workforce to give workers 29 and a half hours so they don’t have to provide them healthcare.”

But it’s even worse for the union, which recently saw thousands of longshoreman cut up their membership cards because the union leaders’ political support for all things liberal has now destroyed members’ Cadillac healthcare plans.

In other matters, Obama’s big war on Syria that has been in the works for years due to CIA covert actions and gunrunning to the al-Qaeda “rebels” is losing the support of liberals, despite the sudden hawkish conversions of previously anti-military leftists such as Nancy Pelosi.

Even the likes of Rep. Charles Rangel has come out and called Obama’s “red line” on Syria “embarrassing.”

Heck, even Obama now denies that he drew the red line, trying to blame it on the “international community,” which as far as anyone can tell is walking quickly the other way.

Since Obama’s first coronation, the Left has been on one extended political binge. Now that their heads have cleared a bit, some liberals are rolling over, seeing what they’ve climbed into bed with and going “geeyah!”

Let’s hope that feeling lasts.