When the Reverend Al Sharpton embraced felonious vote fraudster Melowese Richardson he embraced her crime. Harlem’s own race-hustling clergyman appeared at a political rally in Cincinnati in support of the “Ohio Voters’ Bill of Rights,” that would make it illegal to ask voters for ID at the polls, when Ms. Richardson, freshly sprung from a prison she should not have left, was called up to the stage for a heartfelt “welcome home,” complete with thunderous applause and big hug from Reverend Al.

Ms. Richardson, a county poll worker, pleaded no contest in 2013 to four counts of voter fraud. The previous year she voted five times for President Obama—once for herself, and four times illegally. She has also admitted to voting illegally in 2009 and 2011, though those charges were excluded as part of her plea deal. She was then sentenced to five years in prison, though she served only eight months before the same judge that sentenced her in the first place re-sentenced her to parole.

“In the interest of justice, it is time for her to go home,” said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, a Republican. He offered no objection to Ms. Richardson’s resentencing.

Apparently eight months in prison was punishment enough for depriving (at least) four other citizens of their franchise. That’s what voter fraud is—disenfranchising voters. Each illegitimate ballot cast nullifies a legitimate one. Her fraud was no different than reaching into the ballot box and removing four ballots, or physically blocking four people from the polling place.

But really, who cares about the four anonymous voters Richardson robbed of their voice? Well, I do, but I’m nobody important. Eric Holder doesn’t care enough to file federal charges, which would have put her away for twenty-five years. The county prosecutor doesn’t care enough to insist that she serve her already light sentence of five years. The judge doesn’t care. And nobody cares less than Al Sharpton and the “civil rights” establishment that supposedly opposes voter disenfranchisement.

Any talk of voter fraud elicits swift backlash from the Left. A series of billboards reading “Voter Fraud is a Crime” created quite a stir In the Buckeye State in 2012 and were quickly condemned by the “civil rights establishment” who demanded to know who they were “targeted at.”

Answer: vote fraudsters, of course. Who else?

But misnamed “voting rights” groups didn’t see it that way. They asserted that the billboards were intended to intimidate minorities and felons, who are permitted to vote in Ohio. How someone might have interpreted “Don’t vote illegally” to mean “Don’t vote,” is beyond me. It would be like claiming that advertisements against drunk driving dissuade people from driving sober.

But I wasn’t born yesterday so I can see through their transparent objections. Liberals weren’t concerned that the billboards would send the wrong message. They were concerned that it would send the right message, thus stymying their efforts to cheat. No one honestly believes that the billboards were designed to intimidate legitimate voters from voting only once. They were aimed at the Melowese Richardsons of this world who think nothing of voting five times in a single election.

Leave Melowese alone!

When the ex-jailbird ascended that stage for her “welcome home” moment, she inadvertently debunked a myth that leftist Democrats have spent a long time crafting, namely that they would oppose actual voter fraud if they could find any.

The American Left has long argued that fraudulent voters are akin to unicorns, something that they’ve heard a lot about but have never seen. Oh sure, they’d be up in arms if anyone actually voted illegally, but since it doesn’t really happen they don’t waste time worrying about it.

To boil the issue down to the level of a college freshman logic course, it’s the difference between premise and conclusion. Liberals claim to agree with the premise that voting illegally is a terrible thing indeed, but reject the conclusion that we need to do anything about it. They attribute foul motives to people who actually do want to do anything about it, predictably and lazily accusing them of racism, classism, and every other type of “ism” there is.

Melowese Richardson is the unicorn liberals claim doesn’t exist and yet they gave her a hero’s welcome. They failed to capitalize on the opportunity to show once and for all that they have zero tolerance for those who would disenfranchise others by casting bogus ballots.

The message they sent instead was clear as a bell: Well done, Melowese. You did nothing wrong and the eight months served in prison was an injustice.

So let’s dispense with the myth that liberals are really against voter fraud. If they were, they wouldn’t object to billboards that warn against it and they wouldn’t make a martyr out of Melowese Richardson, who served only eight months in prison when she could have spent decades.

Voter fraud is actually an essential part of their election strategy. They know what the law says but the law is, in their eyes, unfair. So they flaunt it. They recruit noncitizens to vote, some of whom aren’t even in the country legally. They get felons to polls, even though felons are ineligible to vote in some states. They comb the voter rolls for people who have recently died, and they never allow anyone to clean up voter rolls, even if they contain more registered voters than a precinct has eligible citizens.

This isn’t an argument between two groups of people who both care about the integrity of our elections but disagree about how best to ensure it. It’s an argument between people who think that elections should be clean and well-ordered, with sensible safeguards to ensure that only eligible voters vote and only one time each, and those who think that cheating is okay so long as it is done in the service of a just cause. And really, there is no cause more just than electing saintly liberals and defeating evil conservatives.