The current field of American politicians is simply the worst I can remember in a getting to be long lifetime. Call it a crop failure, but replacing the “o” with an “a” in that phrase results in a more satisfying and accurate description.

Liberals are a crying, whiny, unhappy authoritarian lot, but they have been so since I was nine years old. Liberals lost their soul the day JFK died; they have hated and blamed America ever since. They have also impressed that hate and blame upon four subsequent generations. They are utterly out of legitimate complaints. This fact makes them even more whiny and authoritarian as they go after smaller and smaller game armed with the power of regulation and mental suffocation. The left got rid of religion in America so they could become God. All Catholics bore original sin, the modern Church of Latter Day Liberal Authoritarianism now picks and chooses heretics based upon skin color (white privilege), gender (patriarchal misogyny), and sexual preference (homophobes). Liberals don’t realize they are still playing childhood games like Cowboys and Indians merely updated to a 5.0 version one might call Victims and Villains. It is a game Hitler excelled at.

It bears mentioning that the leaders on the right stink as bad as anyone the left. An article I don’t feel like looking up mentioned the possibility that this Administration has locked away a piece of dirt on everyone in the halls of Congress and in positions of power. This might explain why, given a clear Republican majority in both House and Senate, a Democratic President continues to successfully make Swiss cheese of our Constitution and the rule of law. It doesn’t explain why not one victim of such blackmail has come forward. I think the American Public would be much harsher on the extortionist than the victim, but I don’t have enough power and influence to balance the costs versus the payoff. Unlike a liberal I am willing to admit I don’t know.

There is the more creepy and sinister outlook given light when George H. W. Bush spoke of a New World Order. Maybe it has been ordained by some remnant of the Ten Tribes that all mankind will be subservient to a whole-earth government. I wish them luck; they will need it if they are going to control 4 billion people. My cousin Shifty can’t even control her 4 year old and she is as liberal as they come. Shifty is a not very useful idiot.

I think the right is just collectively clumsy. Can you think of anything clumsier than Ben Carson blaming prisons for homosexuality? Walk back that statement and all you do is hit your head a second or third time on every stupid stray mental object still obstructing the original path. You would think a neuro-surgeon would have a better grasp of the human brain.

I’ll let you in on something; some people want abortions. Some people want drugs. Some people want to have sexual relations with your brother, then your sister, and later the goat in your barn. Some people believe the money will never run out. Some people believe communism is still the best form of government not yet given a full chance. Some people want to gamble, some people want to drink. Some people will jump out of an airplane, free fall for 25,000 feet, grab some skis at 5.000 feet on the fly, barrel down the mountain at 110 MPH, shush through your picture window and impale your rocking-horse without carrying insurance or batting an eye.

It is human nature.

And if you believe in a free people you are going to have to come to grips with a free modern people.

Is a conservative going to win the hearts and minds of an electorate based upon terms set by liberals? Is Hillary Clinton going to jail because she had her own e-mail account? Is the Republican led House and Senate Majority going to stand up for smaller government? If you answered yes to any of these questions please re-read paragraph six and then go to bed, you are giving me a headache.

The following big ideas are conservative blind alleys that will not change our political landscape: 1, let’s impeach Obama. 2, let’s send letters to Ayatollahs across a large sea and an even larger religious/cultural divide. 3, let’s speak of racism, gender politics, and homosexuality as if we have a freaking’ clue. People, on these topics liberals are the experts. They are the human incarnation of racism, gender politics, and homosexuality. It is them. They are it. Ever heard of home-field advantage?

Now, if conservatives can stop answering the wrong questions perhaps we can begin to ask some better ones.

Why, with all the billions spent on education, are so many of our students poor readers, spellers, and writers? Should we consider creating an alternative school system to correct the failings of our current system? Is inculcating students with grievance leading us to a stronger and better equipped citizenry? Does this inculcation take class time away from students who need to learn to read and spell and write? Does a dystopian educational outlook contribute to drop-out rates and student ennui?

Explain how a government operating three thousand miles away can possibly know what is in the best interest of a local community?

Are free-speech zones in a free land oxymoronic or necessary? Why are they necessary? Does creating a free-speech zone imply a lack of free-speech elsewhere? Where, in America, is free-speech not allowed? What justifies that lack of free-speech? Should human feelings gain precedence over human rights?

Should doctorates in any soft-science be printed on used toilet paper?

Drives you crazy, right? Try it on a liberal today.