A pervasive disease is threatening to rot the core of our country while too many blithely trudge through life. Our very existence is under attack and has been for many years. Though our country is founded upon the bedrock of religious liberty, free enterprise and equal rights for all, there is a group that abhors such tenants. Actually, there is more than one. Much is made of the destructive fundamentalist beliefs of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda and other extreme Middle Eastern groups. A staggeringly large majority of the world’s terrorism and conflicts are due to these groups. Daily they continue to infiltrate the governments of many countries, spreading hate, subjugating women and minorities, and sowing general discord while they drag their nations back to the Stone Age. How, in reality, are they any different than liberals and progressives of today’s America? There are too many disturbing parallels between these two enemies of the United States:

  • Both groups believe in love and inclusion….until your beliefs are different than theirs. While cretins with “Coexist” bumper stickers profess to respect all, are they not the ones always attacking those on the Right instead of reaching out in kindness? Within minutes of the stirring RNC speech by Utah mayor Mia Love, was it not the Left that altered her Wikipedia page to describe her as a “dirty, worthless whore who sold her soul in the name of big business” in addition to being a “house nigger”? See they treat the product of an immigrant family who moved here for American freedoms and a better way of life? Look how the Left attacks any black Conservative. Never are individuals who believe in small government at the very least respected by the radical Left. They are despised, castigated and maligned, if not worse. How is this treatment of the Left’s political adversaries any different than Islamists who claim the Koran teaches acceptance and inclusion but only as long as the individuals in question are believers in Allah. If not, they are infidels and to be conquered, converted or killed. There is not much “live and let live” for either group.
  • How is the U.S. liberal media’s Leftist propaganda any different than the tripe Al Jazeera TV spews to support radical Islam? Was it not MSNBC, the visual equivalent of newspapers used to line a birdcage that refused to show minorities in the RNC audience or the speakers of color at the same convention? Was it not CNN’s Bernard Shaw that showed himself to be a traitor when he refused to be debriefed by U.S. officials after having spent time reporting in Iraq during the first half of the Gulf War? How are they any different than the skewed press of the Qatar-owned TV station that is simply a PR firm for Islam and the chosen media outlet for Osama bin Laden? Both groups profess to provide news but instead prey on the ignorance of a general public that laps up their radical opinions as fact.
  • Radical Muslims do not like it when one wants to leave their insular little group. It is not hard to find attacks, death threats and actual murders of former believers of Allah. Sadly, it is not hard to find similar actions against those that have seen the errors of their ways and left the Left. Look at the way former obama supporter Artur Davis has been attacked by the DNC and Congressional Black Caucus. God forbid a person of color ever becomes Conservative for they will be tarred and feathered with the “Uncle Tom” moniker.  Current history is so incredibly rife with examples of Leftist attacks on former followers that Scientologists are jealous of their methods.
  •  Liberals often lead the fight against Christianity in America. Again contrary to their “Coexist” stance, public crosses, manger scenes or public prayers are viciously attacked by those on the Left as they choose to misunderstand the idea of the separation of Church and State. They are not content in their own non-belief. They need every one else to not believe. As I told Dan Barker, leader of the Freedom From Religion Foundation during a spirited (no pun intended) email debate in 2008, the Left always loves to deny the existence of God until they are in a car wreck or it is their child on the operating table and then they come around and talk to God. (He never replied after that.) How are their attacks any different than Islamist assaults on Christians around the world? Radical Muslims, in their convert or die mentality, endlessly assail people of the Christian faith who simply want to exist and believe in their own way. Just as obama and the Left demand individuals provide employee birth control against their religious principles, Islamist let no opportunity pass to threaten, intimidate, coerce or cajole people into forsaking Christianity’s principles. Both groups adhere to the “death by 1000 cuts” approach.
  •  How are the beliefs of Al-Qaeda and obama remarkably different? Radical followers of the Muslim group believe they must rid the world of belligerent Western (i.e. American) influence and that we are the source of world inequality and division. They hate Israel, Christianity, and feel our system must be torn down and replaced with a better and more perfect ideal. Sounds like our current POTUS, doesn’t it? As he tries to reduce the military, economic and cultural influence of the U.S.A., his goals march in lock-step with radical Muslims.
  •  Very often, militant Muslims are a backwards people obsessed with outdated and phony ideologies. The Muslim Brotherhood, currently sweeping across the uneducated masses of the Middle East, is reinstalling fundamental beliefs that promise to silence, shackle or eliminate problem women, minorities, non-Muslims and others. As they carry out their plans to destroy the pyramids, retard progress and revert to a primitive society, the rest of the world is left to wonder what country is next. Similarly, Progressives and big government proponents in this country are trying to revert to outdated ideas about the need for central government control and abolishment of individualism, personal responsibility and any competing beliefs. In the guise of “knowing better” than the unwashed masses, both radical groups are trying to control the populace and cement permanent power through their self-perceived religious or intellectual elitism.
  • On a slightly lighter note, neither obama nor radical Muslims can take a joke. Laugh about Islam, you die. Draw a picture of the prophet, you die. For the American Left and their insane political correctness, if one makes fun of them, the offending individual is attacked in the press or sued. Certainly this is preferred to dying but it still stinks.
  •  Compare the public gatherings and demonstrations of the Muslim Brotherhood and America’s radical Left. In Egypt, there was violence, murder, assault, rape of citizens and foreign press members, racial hatred, disease, contempt for the wealthy and rampant anti-Zionism. At last fall’s Occupy gatherings, fully supported by obama and his union goons, there was violence, murder, assault, rape, racial hatred, disease, class warfare/jealousy, and hatred of Israel in full display. [SIDE NOTE: Compare this to any Glenn Beck event or Tea Party gathering where there are never any arrests or incidents of racism (even after offers of monetary rewards for proof) and that includes individuals from all races/socioeconomic classes/political parties. Those groups even clean up their own trash before departing.]

I know that neither all liberals nor all Muslims are all bad. However, all RADICAL liberals and Muslims are. To see just how similar and wrong both groups are, consider the past for another moment. The Muslim world is credited (fairly or not…often not) with major accomplishments throughout history including the creation of algebra, irrigation, paper, medicine, compasses and more yet, centuries later, they live a predominantly Third World existence. Since their beliefs could not be the retarding factor in their lives, they figure it must be the West/America to blame. They sit on vast deposits of energy yet live in poverty and, rather than look in the mirror (another thing they are said to have invented), they lash out and blame others.

Similarly, Progressives and leftist have time and time again attempted to create their socialist Utopia yet have always failed miserably. Name any country or region that tried the system and I will show you a failure. One cannot list ANY American State or city that has grown, advanced or succeeded after embracing the outdated tenants of collectivism yet the Left keep offering it up in new packaging. Since they believe themselves to be so much smarter than the rest of us, such failures cannot be the fault of themselves. Instead of reexamining their premises as Ayn Rand would advise, they lash out and assume others must be to blame. In their warped minds, the successful, Conservative, small government areas of our country that flourish under Constitutional freedoms must have attained their wealth and power though the subjugation of others and the prosperity that stemmed from the leadership of free market individuals like Ronald Reagan is uniformly ignored.

The Left, the Muslims, the Progressives, the Brotherhood all are shoveling failed beliefs and then blaming others for their lack of success. This is without question. The old adage about living well being the best revenge is true, so I suppose that is what we as the Conservative victors in the realm of governing ideals must continue to do. While those that consider themselves the intellectual and religious elites wallow in failure, we shall go on creating, winning, aspiring and ultimately caring for these wretches in hopes they will one day see the light.

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As the sixth-great grandson of American patriot and Revolutionary War hero Christopher Gadsden, I feel it is my duty to speak fondly of America’s greatness and stand ready to defend her against all adversaries. Sadly, I must rail against the vileness and evil of the leftists, progressives, Marxist, socialists and idiots in general now threatening to destroy our great nation. If you support this aim, please spread the word.