What liberals want more than anything else is control.  Unable to convince Americans that their political philosophy of unlimited government and high taxation is superior to that of the Founders, liberals want to use government to force Americans to toe the line of leftist orthodoxy.  To this end, liberals have learned to spell “control” as follows: R-E-G-U-L-A-T-I-O-N.  When it comes to using regulation to control the American people, Barack Obama is an unwavering advocate. No administration in America’s history has been so aggressive in proposing new regulations.

Since being elected President, Barack Obama has mastered the politician’s art of saying one thing and doing another.  In fact, with the assistance of liberal media mavens he has taken the practice to a whole new level.  Nowhere is this more evident than in his handling of government regulations.  Under President Obama, the White House issued an executive order to all government agencies to review regulations.  This would have been a good idea if the goal had been to identify job-killing regulations that could be eliminated or, at least, rewritten.  But in spite of wording in the executive order that instructed all government agencies to approach their reviews with a mind to cutting costs and reducing uncertainty in the business community, the net result of the entire review process was the repeal of one rule.  According to President Obama and his henchmen, in all of the hundreds of thousands of pages of federal regulations there was only one rule that needed to be repealed.  The president could not have given a more sterling endorsement of government regulation.

Perhaps the worst example of government regulation as a job killer is the EPA’s impending ozone rule.  Even friends of the regulation admit that it will cost America at least $8.1 billion.  As just one example of the inflationary effects of this wrong-headed rule, it will increase the cost of medium-to-heavy duty trucks purchased in America by approximately $1,000 at a time when America is hemorrhaging jobs to China and other more business-friendly locations.  What the left refuses to admit and appears to be unconcerned about is that America is becoming less and less competitive as a result of government regulations.  In fact, the best friend business developers in communist China have is President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency.  What makes the regulatory morass even worse is that the EPA is just one agency tying the hands of businesses that are trying to compete in a global economy. There are hundreds of others.