Timing is everything in comedy and crime.

Unfortunately there’s nothing funny about Democrats’ push to steal Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Stymied at least for the moment in Congress, liberals in state capitols and at the U.N. this week have made a sudden surge toward the goal of eliminating the public’s guns.

The big news is the U.N. General Assembly’s passage of the Arms Trade Treaty, which Second Amendment defenders say has enough loopholes and vague language that it can effectively nullify the Constitution.

Mike Hammond, chief counsel at Gun Owners of America, told World Net Daily that the treaty could allow President Obama to ban guns with an executive order.

“Itís far beyond what itís purported to do. It requires this country keep a national gun registry of gun owners. In addition, it could be used as a justification for banning semiautos and banning handguns without any further legislation,” Hammond said. “It could be interpreted as self-implementing, and by an executive order Obama would simply ban all handguns using this treaty.”

Last month, a majority of senators passed a non-binding resolution to oppose the treaty, but Vice President Joe Biden and other White House staff have been pressuring senators to ratify it and pass the rest of Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

Hammond added that he thinks the treaty doesn’t stand a chance of being ratified by the Senate, but that the Obama Administration, once again, will simply go around Congress to enforce its provisions.

In the House, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., and others liberals have proposed an Obamacare-style insurance mandate for gun owners that would require them to have liability insurance or pay a $10,000 fine.

As liberals at the U.N. and federal level press their assault on gun rights, individual states have decided to pass their own restrictions.

Lawmakers in Connecticut, where the Sandy Hook shootings took place, have agreed to “assault weapons” bans, ammo-magazine bans, restrictive background checks and something called an “ammunition eligibility certificate.” Ironically, many of the parents of students killed at Sandy Hook have favored the NRA’s proposal to have armed guards at schools as being more effective.

In perpetually backwards California, lawmakers are now looking at using their favorite tactic, raising taxes, on ammunition as a back-door way to eliminate guns. A five-cent-per-round tax has been proposed, on top of a 10 percent ammo tax, plus an annual $50 fee for “permission” to buy ammunition. All sales would be reported to the state for tracking.

Clearly, liberals haven’t gotten the message yet that Americans plan to keep their right to defend themselves.

As the old saying goes, gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment need to keep their powder dry. The big battle is yet to come.