Anti-gun liberals in West Virginia went for a twofer when they arrested an eighth grade student for wearing a National Rifle Association (NRA) T-shirt to school back in 2013. Just as an aside, I and most of my elementary school classmates back in the late 1950s would be on death row if we were kids now. We didn’t just wear the T-shirts with guns on them to school, we brought the real thing—our guns—to school for show-and-tell (as did a couple of girls in our class). My how things have changed in America, and not for the better.

In arresting the eighth-grade defender of the Second Amendment, liberal school officials and law enforcement personnel managed to trash both the First and Second Amendments with the same absurd act. If you can believe it, the boy wearing the offensive T-shirt was charged with two counts of obstructing the education process. Education process? Surely the education officials were kidding. Had the student been charged with obstructing the indoctrination process the charges might have been warranted. But the education process is that long-forgotten concept wherein American public school students once learned about such things as freedom of speech and other aspects of the U.S. Constitution—aspects such as the First and Second Amendments.

Predictably, a judge dismissed the charges against the eighth grader, showing both better sense and better knowledge of the Constitution than education officials. Never-the-less, not to be outdone by the law, common sense, or the presiding judge, public school officials still required the boy to serve a one-day suspension. You read that right. A bunch of leftwing bullies in Logan County, West Virginia couldn’t admit their error and just let it go. No, they had to do something to get back at a law-abiding student and his mother who dared go against the grain of liberal lunacy. The one-day suspension was an adult version of a child’s nanny-nanny-boo-boo from a bunch of sore losers who were embarrassed by a judge who had actually read the Constitution.

The student’s mother has now filed a federal lawsuit against members of the school board, the school superintendent, several teachers, and selected staffers at Logan Middle School. God bless her. It is about time someone fought back against the unconstitutional insanity that permeates public education these days.   The student’s shirt carried the apparently offensive and dangerous message “Protect Your Right” and the letters “NRA.” How a T-shirt that advocates protecting one’s rights could possibly disrupt the education process is beyond me. In fact, that T-shirt should have been incorporated into the education process. What a perfect opportunity to teach a lesson on the First Amendment and protecting speech that some might consider offensive (after all if it isn’t offensive, speech doesn’t require protection). While they were rushing around trying to enforce liberal orthodoxy, Logan County Public School officials missed an excellent opportunity to actually teach students a constitutional lesson they need to learn.

It is incidents like this one that cause me to wonder whatever happened to the Constitution. More and more Christians, conservatives, gun lovers, and other groups whose views don’t comport with liberal orthodoxy are being denied their First Amendment rights by leftwing bullies in government, public schools, and universities. I hope and pray the student’s mother will win the federal lawsuit she has filed on behalf of her son. The school in question has a rule against students wearing T-shirts that carry profane messages and such rules are Constitutional. But “Protect Your Right” can hardly be construed as profanity. Consequently, the mother is seeking $200,000 in compensatory damages and $250,000 in punitive damages for violations of her son’s First and Fourteenth Amendment rights. Frankly, she should be awarded ten times these amounts. Maybe if this happens liberal tyrants nationwide will take notice and do something different—something like read the Constitution.