Just one week ago, the Washington Post‘s Ezra Klein confidently assured his readers that “the scandals are falling apart.” Now, after another week of tough Congressional hearings and media reporting, it’s doubtful anybody believes that is true.

Emerging from a White House meeting Tuesday, Klein himself wrote Wednesday that “heads should roll at the IRS.” But because Obama failed to appoint a head of the IRS before the scandal broke, there was no one readily fireable once the scope of the problem became known. Now liberals, including Klein, are calling for the head of career civil servant Lois Lerner, who had a well-established history of using government power to harass conservatives long before she came to the IRS.

Problem is, as a career civil servant, Lerner has no duty to “fall on the sword” to protect Obama and the Democratic Party. She apparently has been put on paid administrative leave but is also refusing to resign. Without a scapegoat to sacrifice, the IRS scandal will continue to dog the White House.

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