This week America took a step toward Texas, and away from California.

On the same day the Alamo fell 117 years ago, the historic filibuster of Rand Paul scored, with an assist by Senator Ted Cruz.
It did so because these men understand that the leadership America has achieved in military, economic, scientific and cultural arenas is not due to its size or population. Nor is its unheralded dominance the result of an accident.
With only five percent of the world’s population, America is dwarfed. But its founders were giants.
And through their design, they created an environment fostered by the American state- a state that allows its citizens the widest latitude for creativity and innovation, where success gets rewarded without government approvals and bureaucratic interference.

But that environment is in danger of appearing. And it is up to men such as Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and others to halt the trend towards nanny-state stagnation and the inexorable erosion of the very freedoms that have put the US into the position of global leadership.

American exceptionalism took on institutional and legal form with the Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. Fidelity must be exercised to these documents.
A general gloom seems to rest over every section of the Republic and doubt and sorrow are depicted on almost every brow. But it does not have to be this way.

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt that hover over America will be expunged, provided the men and women of the nation remain faithful to their founders. And they must be expunged for the health of the world. No sane man, irrespective of where he hails, prays for any other outcome other than an American resurgence.

America is wounded, cut by the thousand snips of nanny-statism. Yet the people can rebuke the California and New York trendsetters and reestablish an aura of free will. The people are a tide nothing can resist for long.

Over the last 60 years, the American people have been slowly boiled, so to speak, like an unwary frog, in a pan of candy-coated historical and theological distortions. This must end.
Your precious heritage of liberty and self-government must be preserved. You cannot lose political liberty without losing economic liberty.

America’s virtues are to the free man like the diamond to the miser: invaluable. A deliberate choice of freedom over tyranny is the central reason for why American society has been so successful.
With the filibuster; Bill O’Reilly vigorously holding Alan Colmes to account; the President exposed for an overreach with the sequester and the death of the socialist dictator and virulent anti-American, Hugo Chavez, this was a great week for America.
May it continue its journey with its Texan torch. For to go the way of California will leave the world a darker place than even the wildest imagination could offer.