Do you watch any of the Network news programs like many people still do? The news “anchors” are well dressed, well coiffed, well spoken, well rehearsed and full of crap. I am astounded by the bull-ony that is thrown at us Americans by the “news media”. The once venerated and respected news anchor has become a self-styled celebrity liar. These people are so full of themselves and the elitist boors they answer to they can no longer actually report news. Their objectivity went away long ago. Their credibility went with it. Why does anyone watch them anymore?

It should not surprise you that I give FOX News (mostly) a pass here. I do believe they lean to the right BUT they give the “left” ample time, attention and venue to say their piece too. The traditional alphabet networks are a big part of why President Obama got re-elected. They carry the water of the Liberal Left. It’s embarrassing to me to see these news outlets fawn over the Socialist-in-Chief the way they do. They all but wet themselves at the mention of his name. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews claimed “I got a thrill up my leg” when Obama was elected. Seriously…that from a “news guy”. What a joke he, like his network, is.

When did Americans become so comfortable with being lied to and made fools of? The mainstream news media lies to its viewers all the time. They withhold stories that should be told. They under-report stories they don’t like politically. Seemingly intelligent Americans sit there and watch the same crap every day and say stuff like “I just love that George Stephanopoulos”. (George is a great example of a Liberal talking head.) The same kind of people who won’t tolerate lies from a spouse or their kids seem perfectly content to be lied to through their TVs each night.

Obama was never vetted by the mainstream media before his election in ’08. The news folks licked his boots and kissed his….ring, so to speak. They never delved into his past, his friends, his Pastor, his TRUTHS. I don’t know……maybe they’re just cowards. Maybe it’s as simple as that. Perhaps it’s the desire to be accepted by their leftist colleagues. Maybe it’s how they keep their jobs. Reporters used to have balls. The modern news anchor has none. They are the water boys for the political left, panting excitedly as they deliver a version of the news that makes their masters happy and keeps invites to the White House coming.

The only reason to watch news on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC or CNN is to inform oneself on how NOT to think, how NOT to see, how NOT to be. These networks are all in for anger, accusation, race-baiting, intolerance, hatred, and slant against anything outside the Liberal Left’s narrow vision of how things should be. Why aren’t they grilling the President about how screwed up our Country is? They’d rather continue to blame Bush. What a copout. If a Republican were President the last four years he’d have been blasted non-stop by the big, bad “brave” news folk. What about Benghazi? Crickets. The water boys for Obama sure can carry it and they don’t dare step out of line. Nut-less cowards.

The media we have in America is dangerously non-objective. It will look you and me in the face and lie, misdeal, mislead, hold back, and twist the news to fit the Liberal narrative. If you don’t think so you are fooling yourself. People believe the hooey the media feeds ‘em. Outside of Fox News, it’s all pretty one sided…..and ALL the Libs hate Fox News. That right there is a great reason to turn to Fox more than the other networks.

I tune into the lame stream news networks only to have a good laugh. MSNBC is the best for that. You have to watch Chris Matthews to see what a buffoon looks like. If he’s talking about a Conservative you won’t get any “thrill up my leg” reporting though. And Ed Schultz…I call him Ed Schrilltz…is a raving nutjob. An angrier man doesn’t exist in news. I expect him to have a stroke on camera. Al Sharpton????? Al’s great for keeping racial tension alive. Wherever there is no racism to be found, he’ll be there sowing the seeds. Larry O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow….the list goes on. These angry Libs just make me laugh. Their guy is back for four more years and they still can’t smile. Can you imagine these folks and say, Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Joy Behar, Whoopi (another HUGE racist in my opinion), Brian Mitchell, etc all in a room together? Oh yeah they’d be talking about all us ignorant gun owning, God fearing, Conservatives and how cruel we are for not handing over all our possessions to undeserving losers in the name of fairness. How us capitalists have ruined the world. How danged UNFAIR it all is. These fools have a following. So does Jon Stewart (a funny guy and likeable but not to be taken seriously).

It’s too bad but they do.

I was talking to a 75 year old man recently who told me he feels we should raise taxes on the rich…that they wouldn’t “miss it”. He watches the same old news nightly and gets his propaganda fed to him on his favorite plate. The media tells him rich folks are bad. He believes it. The media tells him the Buffet Rule is necessary. I tell him the revenue from it would fund the Feds for only 9 days. He says “Well…it’s a start”. Wow, really? The media is pushing the Socialist agenda of President Obama plain and simple. When you can convince a 75 year old (who should know better) that he has a right to someone else’s earnings how easy is it to indoctrinate the young folks? Real damned easy that’s how.

America has a very dangerous media with a big fat agenda. The agenda isn’t about traditional American values or personal and fiscal responsibility. It’s about Liberalism, redistribution of wealth, racism under every rock, hateful Conservatives, gun control, food control, Government controlled health care and especially ignoring the truth if it’s counter to the agenda. Like their hero Obama, they want to fundamentally change America.

To America I say believe what you want. Want to be lied to by nice looking well-spoken people? Turn on the mainstream news and get your fill. Repeat the dumb things you learn there to your friends and family. Feel smart and look stupid, go ahead. Want some truth? Check out what Glenn Beck ( is up to. If you hate him it’s because you either never gave him a chance OR you are a Liberal. All Liberals hate Beck since he has no time for their silliness. I also recommend the Drudge Report (

If you’ve had enough of being told how to think by news people who don’t think for themselves good for you! It’s time America forgot the initials ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC & CNN. The con artists at these “news” outlets can’t spell TRUTH.


Rod Bedard Jr.