Sen. Joe Lieberman says he is not sure he will back President Barack Obama’s re-election bid and will wait and see who the Republicans nominate. The Connecticut independent also told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday his decision will be based on which of the candidates will be most capable of getting America’s government “back in balance.”

“Somebody asked what are you going to do in next year’s election. I said I’m an independent now and I’m going to approach it from the perspective of an independent — and I’m going to wait and see,” Lieberman said. “I got a year and a quarter — a little less than that — before I have to decide how to vote. I want to see who the Republicans nominate. This is a really important election — I don’t have to tell you.

“Some of it is about foreign policy — who is going to keep us strong in the world — and some of it, of course, is about who is going to show the leadership to get our government back in balance and the economy going again,” he said.

Hannity asked Lieberman how he judged Obama’s record and whether the senator’s support of 2008 GOP nominee Sen. John McCain hurt him among his fellow Democrats — whether he was “excoriated.”

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