Stuck smack dab between the Liberal armpits known as New York and Massachusetts is the State of Connecticut (Newyorkachussetts). Connecticut is full of blue voters just like the armpits we sit between. It’s also run by Democrats like all of New England is now. The silly politicians of the Democrat Party won’t be happy until we’re like Detroit…broke and a disaster.

I was reading our little small town newspaper the other day and three things jumped out at me that both encourage (Republican) and infuriate (Democrat) me.

Item #1:      Tony Guglielmo (R): State Budget is Tipping Point from Senate

Our State Senator, Tony Guglielmo wrote about CT’s budget being at a tipping point. He voted NO on House Bill 6704 which was passed along Party lines. He wrote “Connecticut State Government cannot stop spending and when you borrow for operating expenses that’s a real problem. The $44 Billion budget increases spending by more than 8%, borrows for operating expenses and is irresponsible.” …..”we have created a State that is near last to retire in, has the highest per capita debt in the nation and has the last tax freedom day in the country……the budget increases taxes even more by adding new taxes in the amount of $315 million.

Item #2       State Rep. Alberts (R): Votes Against Fiscally Irresponsible State Budget

Our State Rep, Mike Alberts wrote that he “…joined fellow House Republican colleagues in voting against a two year budget proposed by Democrats which is comprised of a new 16% tax increase on gasoline, hurtful cuts to CT hospitals, and additional accounting gimmicks designed to argue that spending doesn’t violate the state’s constitutional spending cap. This budget plan, which was passed along party lines just after 5AM, includes a shift over the next two years of $6 Billion in Medicaid spending outside the cap to escape a cap-breaching total of $44 Billion in spending. This shift also circumvented a constitutional law that demands a two-thirds majority in the house to exceed the state’s spending cap – a move which Republicans in the House criticized and objected. The plan cuts $500 Million in funding for hospitals……..Despite these selective spending cuts, the budget includes a 10% increase in overall spending, continues to borrow $750 Million to pay for the state’s day to day operating expenses and pushes back $400 Million of debt payments which will increase interest payments in the state’s future”.

And then from our esteemed Liberal Democrat Senator:

Item #3       Richard Blumenthal (D): Supporting Marriage Equality

 The resident idiot Senator wrote about what is important to him…DOMA. The Defense of Marriage Act. Wrongly named of course, it doesn’t defend marriage at all. However to Blumenthal and others it is of great importance to pander to the minority of gays who want to forever corrupt the meaning of what marriage is. He said “Marriage equality is a human right, and I am committed to ensuring that it becomes a reality for all”.

That is, I guess, what drives Blumenthal. That is what is most important. Libs like Dick Blumenthal love to tell us what is and isn’t a “right”.

I suppose he’d support bigamy. And polygamy. And human/animal marriage (if they’re in love, of course). Morons like Blumenthal are running our Country. I am so proud. There is no stupid cause they won’t fight for. There is no smart cause they will support.

I recently attended a meeting regarding the “Greenway” trail and the money towns in eastern CT are being asked to spend on it. The trail would be for bicycling, walking and horseback riding. Supporters want us to spend our tax money on this! Our State is broke. The cost to live here is ridiculous. We have real infrastructure problems. What do the Libs want? They want us to pay for their “happy trail”. It’s like living on the funny farm here. Why the hell should we pay for something like this when we are fiscally crushed already? It blows my mind.

Being Conservative, I detest most Democrats and trust only a handful of Republicans. The three articles from the newspaper I noted above show the dichotomy between Conservatives and Liberals. Conservatives want to deal with the REAL issues and problems we are facing. Liberals occupy their time telling us what “rights” are while they fight to take our real rights away, all the while crushing us under the weight of ever growing debt.

Newyorkachussetts is becoming like many other Liberal-run States. A place you try to eventually get away from. Not a place to retire in. Not a business friendly place. Too damned expensive. Too many ridiculous Liberal policies. Taxes too high. Too much debt.

Other States see what is going on in the “blue States”. They are attracting Conservatives who want smaller government, lower taxes, Constitutional law. They will siphon citizens away from the northeast and other Liberal states leaving them with fewer people to support their bloat, bringing them closer and closer to becoming Detroit, becoming bankrupt.

The debt in our state and our country cannot be dismissed. It cannot be hidden. It is as real as it gets. Liberal (including RINOs) spending as well as their penchant for keeping their eye on the wrong ball is strangling America. The bill collector will show up eventually and Americans will pay dearly for our government’s foolishness. We Conservatives will know it was the Liberals and RINOs who brought it on. We will have them to thank.