I confess, I watched about three or four hours of television Tuesday evening, probably the longest such viewing on my part in 10 or 15 years. I refer to it as the idiot box and avoid it whenever possible–usually managing to stay away from it for weeks at a time. However, I was interested to see if the socialists-lite (Republicans) or the hard-socialists (Democrats) would win. Not that it really mattered much; both parties have been driving the nails in the coffin of the U.S. as rapidly as they can for two or three generations now.


It was almost humorous hearing such commentators as Dick Morris swooning over the magnitude of the Republican win as though they would go to Washington and clean house by repealing hundreds of thousands of laws, rules and regulations that have been spewing out of that place like lava out of Vesuvius. The Dick Morris-types seem to think something significant happened Tuesday evening and something is going to change. It didn’t and it won’t.


To the Morris types, the importance of a particular party’s control of this country’s legislature is measured in the number of new laws, regulations, initiatives or agencies they can create, not the ones they get rid of. I, and a growing minority in this country, would be perfectly happy if the federal government never created a new agency, new law, new regulation or new “initiative”. In fact, it would be very good if the federal government could be reduced to a 10th of its current size and get back to doing the things it’s supposed to do–defend the borders (which it isn’t doing at all)–and keeping the states from murdering each other. It won’t happen, but it would be very nice.


Ah, but I’m from an earlier generation when everyone was supposed to care for themselves, earn their own livings and survive–sink or swim–on their own merits. I’ve had ups and downs in my life, but I never expected, nor allowed, any government agency to solve my problems. That’s not the purpose of government; instead that purpose is (or should be) to establish a level playing field for everyone and get out of the way! It used to be called free enterprise, but that disappeared years ago. As I said above, today it is socialist-lite or socialist-heavy.


So why was I interested in how the election came out? Primarily because I wondered how much longer before this country goes down like the Titanic. I have a young son–who fortunately understands what kind of old tub he is on and is prepared and very entrepreneurial. I want only the best for him, but with politicians like those we’ve been raising for several generations now, the best is not good at all. As I’ve been caught saying frequently, “A pox on both their houses!”


We did rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic Tuesday evening. I hope it keeps the old tub afloat a little longer, but have serious doubts that it will make much difference at all, the Dick Morrises of the world notwithstanding.