The last 24 hours have become a Chris Christie watch: Will he or won’t he run for president? Did he close the door on any possibility? Would he do well among the GOP field?

All that talk, especially within the so-called Republican establishment, has made its way to radio show host Rush Limbaugh. On his Wednesday show, Limbaugh explained his theory about the “Draft Christie” movement.

“All of these people begging Christie to run: Who are they?” Limbaugh asked. “Now you’ve got voters, like the woman in the Q&A last night that Christie run — that, I think, is the exception. The people who are begging Christie to run are the same people begging Mitch Daniels to run: Republican establishment, the same people begging Paul Ryan to run.”

According to Limbaugh, that “Republican establishment” wants Christie to run because they seek a counter to more conservative candidates like Godfathers Pizza CEO Herman Cain, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

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