No, it’s not reality, but radio giant Rush Limbaugh today pondered the possibility of taking over the management of CNN and running things the El Rushbo way.

America’s top-rated host was responding to a listener’s question about how long it would take to turn the cable-news network around and make it similar to what Fox News is.

“A couple of days. Just the announcement that I was going to run CNN would add a million viewers a night,” Limbaugh responded. “And then when we started making changes, it wouldn’t take long at all.”

CNN’s viewership has been plunging recently, and according to Nielsen TV ratings data, it is now a distant third behind Fox News and MSNBC.

Limbaugh spent a large portion of his show discussing the possibility of his being in charge at CNN.

“If it were announced that I were going to be running CNN, could you imagine the excrement storm from everywhere if that happened?” he asked rhetorically. “But the tune-in factor would be through the roof, the curiosity tune-in factor. Do any of you doubt that you could improve it? Every one of you thinks you can improve it. Just go show by show. Segment by segment. ‘Nope, wouldn’t have done that, here’s the way to do that.’ Segment by segment you could fix CNN.”

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