Instead of breaking the country’s bank; and instead of doling out
endless welfare, the answer might incorporate establishing more
blacks in more small businesses in places like Baltimore,
Cleveland, Detroit, et al.  I’m sure Herman Cain and many other
successful blacks would be more than pleased to mentor large
classes of “responsible” and willing blacks in entering the
business world.  And I’m not inclucing Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton
or any of his ilk as “successful.”  There is no reason for mostly
whites and orientals owning businesses in virtually all black
communities.  The problem has to be solved with getting people
OFF welfare, not ON.  The president has spent more time and
taxpayer’s money enslaving a whole generation with food stamps,
cell phones, high definition TV and everything else to make
working for a living a shunned idea.  If these same people owned
the businesses, they and their family would be much less disposed
to burning down the city on the slightest provocation.

Let’s find a way to shift the free money into creating work-
related endeavors that begin to lift people out of this never
ending black hole where generation after generation has never
worked for a penny.  Reduce the welfare across the board by 15%
every year for five years and put that money directly into a fund
to help start-up legitimate possibilities.  And I don’t mean more
Solyndras or liquor stores.  School classes to teach sewing,
crafts, food production, preparation and distribution, mechanics,
nursing, the whole medical profession, clerking; the
possibilities are endless.  The liberal newspapers might even be
coerced into inviting whole classes to tour their facilities to
give them an idea about news writing and what it takes to run a
production line.  Various industries, I’m sure, would be more
than willing to enter into an agreement to show “how things are
done.”  Giving welfare recipients a chance to view an endless
variety of possibilities concerning earning their own way, would
be a giant step forward in once again building a society that
they can be proud of, and at the same time, building their self
esteem and their futures.  With less aimless children running
amok, it would be gratifying to see them working alongside their
parents in a shop they, themselves, owned.  So many successful
people started their own businesses in their home or garage on
less than $1000; it is still done, but stress must be placed on
these ideas by competent people now in business and elected
officials who should be pushing better ways to stop the
hemorrhaging of once thriving cities.  The failed policies of
constantly increasing the dole to “end” poverty, have proven
unworkable, unsuccessful, enslaving, dumbing-down and have led
only to the tragic breakdown of more generations of families.

The family is still the best bulwark against the crime and
destruction that we see more and more on the evening news, and is
more than just a time-honored institution; it’s everything.