Times like the present remind me of the words of the Rabbi in
Fiddler On The Roof when confronted by the reality of losing
their home and forced to leave their beloved Anatepka. “Well,
we’ll just have to look for our Messiah someplace else.”  Yes,
many times we tend to look for solutions in the wrong places.
The “wisdom?” in the Republican Party today looks a little scary,
what with Jeb Bush, Christie and a few more looking to expand
into the oval office.  Sure, they have, or are, governing states,
not an easy job.  From my perspective, however, the true
candidates make their mark by doing and being, not waving the
flag of their importance.

We are entering the last two years of the most egregious
destruction of our Republic since its origin.  One would think
that it can’t get any worse.  As the prophet Isaiah quipped: “Woe
is me.”  We have lost our military to sodomy; our freedom of
speech to the homosexuals’ Human Rights Campaign against even
thinking their behavior immoral; the right to hold a job if you
hold marriage to be the union of one man and one woman; the right
to open public meetings with prayer to guide them in their
deliberations; the freedom of school children to pass out tracts
or Christmas cards to their fellow students but being inundated
with sexual perversion “classes,” free condoms and abortion and
birth control indoctrination.  The scene seems to become darker
as the days wear on.  There is no hope in the future.  Or is

Looking at the list of possible candidates for the next
presidential election does give some hope.  Whether the gifted
ones will receive the support of the party, or not, will become
more clear as we move through the process.  The old strain about
it being all about the economy was never true.  The truth is that
it is always about character and morals – the economy will
follow.  With several possible candidates unafraid to stand tall
with conviction, there is hope that we can begin to start
thinking about reversing the abominable slide into perversions
and lawlessness.

Some new thinking is needed concerning more and more “help” to
the unemployed, underemployed and welfare-forever cases.  There
may be a bit of pain in this surgery, but without correction, our
whole country is destined to oblivion.  Handing out more free
cell phones, wide angle tvs, EBT cards, free food stamps, and
other endless “freebies” to non-workers must begin to resonate
with any thinking human being that this is “the road that leadeth
unto destruction.”  Can any intelligent human being think

So, we come to the conclusion that, rationally, thinking must
change…and soon.  Those who would govern our future must,
first, have a foundation that suggests they are not only willing,
but capable, of such an overwhelming task.  If their character,
background and morals suggest otherwise, cross them off and
support others that exhibit the qualities necessary to lead a
people out of destruction.

Names come to mind, and reasons for such.  If the person is a
Christian in character, not name only, he will be guided by God’s
Word in dealing with the endless challenges presented.  Belief in
the sanctity of life, marriage, hard word, family values and
doesn’t waver with public pressure.  Must be educated, informed,
articulate, thoughtful, accomplished, respectful, knowledge of
human nature, able to bring our country’s reputation back in
foreign affairs, respect for our military, literate and loves his

Ben Carson comes immediately to mind; he meets all the above, and
would be a 180 from where we are today.  As a doctor, he has a
firm handle on what to do with healthcare.  He has accomplished
so much and yet is so thankful for the opportunities and family
values that equipped him for just such a role.  A more humble,
and yet decisive man, would be hard to find.

Rand Paul, a good man, capable, informed, high character and
would be an honorable candidate.

There are other good men out there, almost too many, and it takes
an enormous amount of money to advertise, travel, appear at
innumerable functions for months, debates, holding family
together during those furious months, etc.  Find out about these
men and let’s help heal the land that has been so cursed, used
and disrespected for far too long.