With the most recent shooting in the National Capitol Region (NCR), I think we need to look at this as any biased mainstream media reporter would and ask the questions they would ask.  First why are reports referring to the woman who was killed as the “driver” of the vehicle and not the “alleged driver” of the vehicle?  Even more important to this administration since we look at everything through the lens of race and not wanting a good crisis to go to waste, since the alleged driver of the vehicle was black and we have seen photos of her car surrounded by White police officers, was this shooting racially motivated?  How do we know she intended to harm anyone?  Where are the Treyvon baiters: Al, Jesse, and Obama?  I mean after all this woman was not armed, she had her baby in the car and was out for a drive.  Maybe she was lost and made a wrong turn. Maybe she did not mean to hit anything and was just a bad driver.  Is that any reason to shoot her?  And what about her child? From reports, she felt that Obama was stalking her, was he?  Is this the son that he always wanted or is responsible for?  If our soldiers are not allowed to fire at groups that might include woman and children, why can the police? The biased mainstream media would be asking questions just like these and more if a Conservative were in the Whitehouse.

Also initial news reports tried to link the shooting to the Tea Party and NRA before any facts were released.  Now that we know the shooters were law enforcement officers are we looking into their backgrounds to see how many of them are involved with the Tea Party?  Was this just another Tea Party plot by these officers to continue the government shutdown?  Did the NRA encourage them to shoot this defenseless black woman out for a drive with her child?  If these law enforcement shooters are involved with the Tea Party and NRA did they obtain their firearms legally and how many used AR-15’s in the shooting? Are these NRA Card toting Tea Party members in law enforcement about to be audited by the IRS?

Now that we know the alleged driver was black and a dental hygienist, are we going to call for legislation and background checks to regulate the hiring of black dental hygienist by dentists?   Was this a conspiracy by dentists?  Were the dentists actually stalking her?  Being as the alleged driver of the motor vehicle are we going to pass more laws regulating motor vehicle purchases to include background checks.   Since as the DC area already has the strictest gun laws and since more were called for after the Navy yard shooting, do they need to pass more laws regarding motor vehicles and black dental hygienist in Washington DC?

As absurd as all the above satire sounds it is all too true concerning how the media looks at and reports stories today.  From the Fort Hood shooter, to ignoring the intentional pain that the president and progressives in the Democratic party want to inflict on Americans over the budget and health care debate, the mainstream media no longer investigates with integrity but rather with preconceived notions.  They no longer boldly question authority but cower before it.  They have become such a lap dog that they have even chosen to ignore the obvious flawed policies of Democrats and progressives that they are trying to force on Americans.  This is seen as they refuse to highlight the failures in cities that have been Democratic strongholds for years.  If you want to see the most recent example of their failed policies look no further than Detroit.

A recent column by renowned columnist Dr. David Goetsch said it best when he stated that “ the one factor that contributed most to Detroit’s decline was the fact that clear-minded, unbiased people who could have helped prevent the city’s on-going deterioration were not allowed to question, criticize, or even make recommendations. To question Detroit’s city fathers was to be labeled a racist. In the words of Coleman Young, former mayor of Detroit, “To attack Detroit is to attack black.” What an absurd statement.”

What is even more absurd is that his statement reflects where we are today nationally as we deal with a media that spins all stories to the advantage of the ruling progressives, and refuses to honestly question with integrity or courage.    The cowed unofficial fourth branch of government has sold out the American people it at one time admirably represented and defended against government corruption.  We also see how anyone who questions this administration is treated as a racist.  Dr. Goetsch’s statement is so eerily similar to where we are as a country today with a biased press, and a strong-arm ruling class, willing to accuse all who question as racists. With the current gridlock and the unwillingness to talk regarding our spiraling debt that the president called unpatriotic in 2008, the only question in DC that is not unanswered is where we are we headed.  To that I would answer Detroit.