I happen to strongly disagree that leadership in the GOP – especially the House – isn’t acting. They’re acting all right. Acting like a bunch of greedy turncoats.
Check it out:

Eric Holder’s paycheck could be withheld as per the Constitution, but leadership won’t act. Eric Holder could be detained until he produces long overdue documents requested by Congress, but leadership won’t act. The American people’s overwhelming desire to have our Southern border secure should have happened a long time ago, but leadership won’t act.

That’s basically the takeaway from a conference call with Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert yesterday. I was on the line with a couple dozen journalists, reporters and bloggers to speak with the lawmaker about his recent confrontation with Eric “Don’t Go There, Buddy” Holder,” Republican leadership and his political action committee; “GOH PAC” – a fund created to bolster conservative candidates.

First of all, Congressman Gohmert — who represents the Lone Star State’s First Congressional District — kicks ass: He’s the best when it comes to prioritizing securing the border – and not confusing that with Amnesty. He’s tough.

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