Over the last few years, Louis CK has become a household name for being hilarious, shocking, depressing, self-deprecating, and perplexing – all swirled into one laid-back stand-up comedian.

If you’re not easily offended and have sat through any of his comedy specials or his show, you can kind of tell what type of guy he is. Despite the shockingly awful jokes he makes about his kids, he seems to be a good father in that he takes parenting seriously – loves them, makes them healthy food, doesn’t let them have iPhones, teaches them to value people over stuff and screens, doesn’t always give them what they want, etc. Great stuff and he’s probably got great girls- but his parenting anecdotes are definitely not the solve-all to the corrupt culture that’s sprung up in this country.

Watching his recent interview on Conan made me so sad. The funny parts made me laugh, of course. Despite his often offensive material, he’s a comic genius. But, in his weirdly funny, depressing way, he described that void we all have – the emptiness – the feeling that we’re alone and all of this is for nothing. He actually said that.

As a Christian, of course I’m thinking, man, this guy is ready to hear the Gospel. But, simply as an American, it made me start thinking about his life and his politics and what he’s teaching his girls. Louis isn’t political and he doesn’t really take sides, but in his act and on his show and in interviews, he definitely promotes some good things – like taking good care of your kids and being a nice person. Loving your kids and being nice are both awesome ideas.

Reminds me of FLOTUS and her good ideas about healthy eating. POTUS and his good ideas about education for all who want it. Bloomberg and his deep concern for earbud volume and Coca Cola.

I look at all these things – at all these famous people and politicians with their missions for good and I think – yeah – those things are good. I don’t want my daughter being addicted to a screen. I want my family to eat healthy. I don’t want to damage my son’s eardrums from speakers that are too loud. I want underprivileged children to have a shot at a decent education.

With all those liberals and non-political celebrities – I agree with a lot of what they’re suggesting. I just don’t agree that we need the federal government to make it happen.

Changing the Rules Won’t Work

My husband and I were talking about our young daughter today. We were talking about how dirty, sleazy boys are going to want to touch her someday. We talked about how hard it will be when we can’t protect her from the world and all its crud. I said to my husband, “The thing is, we can’t make her not lose her virginity or not do drugs. We have to try to help her not want to. She’s going to do what she wants to do.”

When I was 15, I had my first boyfriend. We went to a strict, private Christian school and neither of us had a car, so you know where we made out? In the little nook where the hallway curved outside the auditorium – or in the aisle over at the nature store on our science field trip. We were going to make out. So, we made out. No one could stop us and no one did.

Now, the school had rules and my parents had rules. And, those rules were intended for good. But, they couldn’t stop us from making our own choices.

I’m not an anarchist. I think our society needs the government to enforce law, but when you see a government taking over more and more – gun control, education (Common Core), birth control/ abortion, marriage, soda pop, ear buds, you name it, you’ve got to wonder…how effective is this going to be and what is the purpose?

Someone who wants a 20 oz. Coke will order two 10 oz. cups. Murderers will resort to building bombs or using box cutters or kitchen knives.

Louis CK offered up some great parenting advice on Conan, and maybe in a few months, we’ll see some big-government-politician writing up legislation about parents not looking at their cell phone’s while they’re out in public with their kids…but that’s not going to make people better parents. It’s going to make people sneakier.

Changing Hearts is the Solve-All

Jesus Christ changed me. He took my darkness and my disgustingness and made me clean. He healed me and saved me and gave me joy. He assured me that all this isn’t for nothing. He gave me hope. So, of course, I want everyone to experience His love and grace the way I have. I don’t want to force anyone into Christianity. The Christian religion isn’t about forced conversion. It’s about sharing the gift you’ve received with others so they can experience it too.

Our country was built on freedom and Biblical principals. That’s why we succeeded. That’s why we prospered. That’s why we became the city shining on a hill. Not because everyone was a born-again Christian but because our country’s creed echoed Biblical morality. Today’s morality says “Do what feels good,” and that’s why our country is hanging on by a thread.

Christians, we need to teach our children to love the Lord. Sure, it would do them good to not see us staring at our iPhones all the time, but that’s not the root issue. We need to show them the grace of God and raise them to want more of Him.

Non-Christians, you need to acknowledge what America was at its founding and give due credit to its Biblical foundation. Read my article – “Were We Ever a Christian Nation?” I don’t want you to get saved so you can be like me. I want you to get saved because when I got saved, I got joy and peace in my heart. Even the Bible says that we have a free will. We have the right to choose what we do. God gave us that right. We can even reject Him if we want. But, allowing man to write the rules and dictate how much freedom we get is putting us all in bondage to the man. Having our kids grow up in a culture where it’s illegal to order a sugary soda, but legal to kill an unborn baby on demand is not going to make them healthier, better people. It’s going to make them sad, hopeless, confused adults.