It was a hot day in 1916, and farmers were desperate.  Their
crops of cotton had been steadily destroyed by a Mexican
import: the boll weevil.  Cotton was the mainstay for
generations and now was becoming a pariah.  Whole industries
relied on this strategic fiber and it was failing beyond
measure.  Farmers were going bankrupt and something had to
change.  Enter – the peanut.  Rather, the idea that change
must be wrought, and the peanut was introduced as a
possibility that could bring new life to a desperate
situation.  It was such a success that in 1919 a monument
was erected in the city square of Enterprise, Alabama, to
commemorate the “born again” success to the boll weevil.  It
was through this ravenous pest that the whole culture
changed – from above ground crops to a new marvel hidden
underground.  High atop a statue, a Grecian-type lady was
holding aloft a sculpted boll weevil, honored, now, as a
reminder that old things can pass away, new things can be
admitted and life can go on.  Ideas are hard to change;
concepts need to be given thought, and possibilities need to
be constantly reassessed.  Wisdom is desperately needed in
today’s world.

We have a God who recognizes our successes and failures.  He
stands ready to offer a light to our path.  He sometimes
gives us an ominous feeling that we are treading the wrong
paths and, if we are open to His leading, we will consider
what He is offering.  It may not be something so obvious as
changing a field from cotton to peanuts, but, then again, it
could be as clear as the nose on our face.  There is an old
hymn, “Trust and Obey,” that comes to mind.  We are
encouraged to step out in faith and point our ship into the
wind and bear ahead into the storm, rather than dither
sideways and capsize.  We are dangerously heading into the
storm, with a captain who knows nothing but rowboats.  His
two oars are incompatible and worthless with the surging
waves bearing down on us as Islam, Ebola, drought and
unemployment overtake us.  Or, he is the actual “weevil”
bent on the destruction of our tenets of civilization.  If
we open our eyes, we might see that change can be possible.

There is a history of what is happening today: it’s so close
to us that even a blind man can understand.  Its pages are
filled with event after event that signal what can happen
if:  and WILL happen, if.  It’s history, “His Story,” called
the Bible.

There are many “bibles;” bibles referred to in the electrical,
sports, shipping, commerce worlds – bibles.  The one I’m
referring to is called God’s Word: the Holy Bible.  In it can
be found what happens when mankind disregards what God ordain
as a righteous path for us to walk.  How to treat your neighbors;
how to raise your children; how to refrain from evil; in
fact, how to even define evil.  Without these guidelines, it
is so easy to wander off into the dangerous waters that will
soon engulf us and lead us into destruction.  God’s will for
us is to live an abundant life; follow His directions; seek
His wisdom and “trust and obey.”

When a government steers 300 million plus people into an
enclosed corral, telling them it’s only for their good, red
flags should start fluttering.  A possible stampede might
be in order.  Ordinary people, generally, can figure out by
themselves what is best for them.  I’ve seen cattle in a
corral; their eyes are ever so wide open – they are afraid.
Fortunately, they don’t realize their eventual destination;
I think we should.  And it’s not pretty: enslaved to a
government with no conscience; one size fits all; sign on to US,
we’ll become your savior!  Common Core; government health care;
containing a possible extreme pandemic disease…; we’ll
give you food stamps; we’ll even give you an EBT card so
you won’t even have to stand in line to get your freebies.
Who do we trust?  November 4 – we have a choice.  It won’t
be good, but it could be better.