America is the best place to live in the world. We have the most freedoms, though they are quickly disappearing, and we have the best opportunities. That is why people are trying to cross our borders by the thousands. We live in a blessed land. With all of the hate and fighting going on in the world between groups of people, between neighbors and bordering countries it is refreshing to see the opposite… people helping their neighbors.


When the little town of Rexburg in eastern Idaho was flooded by a flash flood late Tuesday (July 15, 2014), once the storm passed people helping each other were seen everywhere as they joined together in acts of kindness. For instance take a look at this bucket brigade: and these in this film


Modern technology makes recordings such events available for viewing with a click. The BYU-Idaho campus was turned into a river as seen here, and here, , the campus is on a hill and all the water ran off the hill thru the buildings to flood the apartments below the hill. This is the beginning of finals and the students are not thinking about needing to study, they were and are thinking about helping those who were flooded.


It is too bad that so many people in the world can only think about their own selfish wants. If America would return to the values that our country was built upon and if every citizen was to stop looking for handouts and instead were to look at what he or she could do for their neighbor, then there would be no homeless, no poverty, no hunger, no unemployed; for everyone would be finding ways to serve their neighbor, whether with a hot meal, a bed to sleep in, or a job, there would be no poor. The economy and the financial wellbeing of the individual would prosper as control of the nation was turned back to the people and away from the over-reaching arm of the government.


Here are some more videos that university students made:




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