I just skimmed through a Wall Street Journal article about NY judge Shira Scheindlin, the woman who ordered massive and senseless changes to NYC’s stop-and-frisk policy that she considered unfair to blacks and hispanics. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has stated that 75 percent of all NYC crime is committed by blacks; and 99 percent of all crimes in NYC are committed by either blacks or hispanics. Despite these facts, Ms. Scheindlin wanted the police to waste time and money making sure that 40 percent of people stopped and frisked are white. It seems as if she considers stopping and frisking to be some kind of cruel punishment bearing no relation to who actually is a threat to the public, something done just to make other people (minority people) feel bad. Although her arguments lack common sense, she wants this punishment of being stopped and frisked to be shared equally between the potentially guilty and the obviously not guilty. So very left-wing, isn’t it? One of the reason left-wing rules, regulations and laws are so ridiculous and even unenforceable is that they don’t address the core problems nor are they based on observable facts. They spring full-blown from the non-analytical minds of progressives, who think they can push history along by imposing fantastical solutions on real problems.

After her ruling Scheindlin was removed from the case by an appellate court panel. Among the reasons cited, the justices said that Scheindlin had actively lobbied persons/groups to bring a suit against the policy and promised that she would make sure she heard it by asserting incorrectly a relation to other cases she was hearing. Furthermore, she openly advocated her pre-established conclusions in interviews with the press while she was hearing the case. The Appeals Court panel made it clear they thought she was not a neutral arbiter, but biased on the subject before her. Scheindlin twisted rules and regulations and even law on behalf of her own agenda and no doubt she was emboldened to do so by the likes of billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who unilaterally imposed new, senseless and intrusive regulations on the people of NYC “for their own good.” No need for public approval! What an easy way to govern and all the easier if you have compliant judges who consider themselves the vanguard for millions of people unable to think for themselves (i.e. unable to embrace progressive values voluntarily).

Ms. Scheindlin is probably favorably impressed by the US president who routinely, even daily, lies and spins and manufactures fairy-tales to cover up what he is doing to our country (for our own good) or to foist the blame on somebody else for problems he and his minions cause. She no doubt admires Obama’s contempt for the often messy give-and-take of a constitutional democracy and his frequent issuance of imperial decrees to get around any objections to proposed laws by the opposition. In fact, Ms. Scheindlin, smug with the installation of fellow travelers at the highest levels of government, no doubt hopes the interloper in the White House can eliminate the opposition altogether. Simply decree them out of existence! I would guess that Judge Scheindlin already believed that the end justifies the means, but seeing her Golden Idol and his appointees so openly slash and burn the US Constitution in order to transform America was no doubt a great stimulant to her own zeal for legislating from the bench. Too bad for Ms. Scheindlin, there are still judges around who know what the Constitution means and think that cases should not be decided based on whimsy or prejudice. She has expressed her deep unhappiness that she was removed from the case and her supporters claim it was actually the Appeals Court panel that was out of line (well of course – another case of the innocent transformed into the guilty, one of the Left’s specialties). Judge Scheindlin wants the Appellate Court panel to vacate their decision and let her at least share in the full lower court decision in a new hearing.

See how it works? The Left thinks misdeeds undertaken for the good of the country’s clueless population should not be considered misdeeds at all. Give them enough time and they’ll tell you that in fact the misdeeds were good deeds. This is basic Leninist strategy and those who fancy themselves Lenin’s heirs have no qualms about using Leninist tactics to force things in the direction they want them to go. Right, wrong – it is all a matter of interpretation.

The problem with people like Scheindlin and Obama and Bloomberg is that they don’t really give a damn about individual human beings; for them, people exist only as some abstract thing called Mankind or The People, something easy to love because humanity can’t talk back. Only individuals can. The Obama team of ideologues have demonstrated repeatedly in full public view that the people are expected to shut up and accept gratefully all the things the Marxists are giving them, even if the recipients think the things they get are terrible. These ideologues have demonstrated that telling the truth is for patsies, and stonewalling is the height of political savvy. They and their president have stunned us over and over as they stand before us telling us things that are directly contradicted by the record, things we saw and heard for ourselves – did Obama say we could keep our doctors and insurance plans if we like them or are we all nuts? Well, he and his flacks will tell you he didn’t say that, or if it appeared that he said it, it was just that we didn’t understand what he was trying to convey. See? In the end the victims become the culprits, a transference of responsibility that is easy to do if you don’t care that the people out there are shaking their heads and saying, “our president is a liar; everybody in his administration are liars; our government is a criminal enterprise.” Because people who are not with them are obviously against them – and they are the enemy. Their views aren’t worth a brass farthing.

There is a deep psychosis at work in this dictatorial regime. For them all the rest of us are mere stick figures who people their dream world, and stick figures don’t have a voice and don’t get a vote. Stick figures, like Potemkin Villages, are mere illusions and have no significance except as propaganda. And while you and I know these tyrants are not only wrong but crazy, a true Confederacy of Lunatics, they have the power and we have none. That is what we are up against.