A well thought out and reasoned opinion does not make you the enemey.

Check it out:

Remember when musicians were cool for being edgy and politically incorrect? Now, what makes a celebrity cool and relevant is being politically correct and reading scripts written by lefter-than-liberals that are not even factually accurate.

Rapper, Macklemore, made headlines at the AMAs when he spoke out about Trayvon and racial profiling that according to the script he kept looking left to has killed “hundreds” of people.

No one can really speculate about the truth of the Trayvon Martin case because when it comes to crime, you can only judge based on facts. Race has nothing to do with the facts. All I know is what was reported by the media, so I’m not about to judge that one way or the other. My question is about these “hundreds” of people who are “dying” because of racial profiling. Discussing just this on The Five, Greg Gutfeld asked – where did this young rapper get his numbers?

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