Seems like the problem might be management.
Check this out:

The mailing industry is stepping up their efforts to defeat a rate increase proposal from the cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service, pressing the agency’s regulator this week to rule against the plan.

USPS said in September that it was reluctantly seeking to increase the price of stamps more quickly than the rate of inflation, to help it deal with the long-lasting impact of the most recent recession.

But a dozen organizations that represent heavy users of the mail – including nonprofits, magazines, newspapers, catalogers and direct mailers – say the Postal Service’s rationale for the rate increase is deeply flawed.

USPS’s request, those groups told the Postal Regulatory Commission, doesn’t account for how the Internet decreased the use of first-class mail. Plus, they say that the Postal Service’s projections for first-class mail in the coming years are far too dire.

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