The media is biased. The media is predominantly liberal and primarily loyal to the Democratic Party. “Come on,” you must be saying, “tell me something I don’t know.”  Certainly we have known for years that the media was biased. However, what I have witnessed over the last three weeks related to the “reporting” on the Benghazi embassy attack and the murder of four Americans goes far beyond the realm of bias. The lack of investigative reporting on this critically important story rises to the level of criminal negligence on the part of most of the media.

Not only have there been a revolting lack of direct questions on the matter during White House press conferences, the one question that was asked during last week’s Vice Presidential debate was nullified by the horrible job that Raddatz did of following up when Biden blatantly lied by saying, “we didn’t know they wanted more security.”  Everyone in the world now knows, thanks to a reporter combing through the wreckage of the safe house and finding a diary belonging to the Ambassador. While we were being told that it was too dangerous to send in the FBI, the Ambassador’s diary recorded that he had made multiple requests for increased security, which were denied.

Yet, instead of follow up with White House personnel with this line of questioning, most of the Sunday “news” shows spent their time trying to make the case that what Biden meant was that they didn’t know security was requested for the exact location where the ambassador was killed. Poppycock! If the ambassador had been allowed increased security, then he would have taken that security with him to the safe house where he was killed.

In a news event wherein the Administration totally changes their story every two to three days, the media is so credulous as to accept each and every new version without question. This behavior by the media no longer fits in the Rubicon of bias. We have now entered the realm of full blown propaganda. The media, including everyone from NBC, ABC, CBS and the New York Times, all the way to “The View”, are now full on propagandists for this administration.  No longer are they only reporting negative news regarding Republicans, now they are refusing to inform the public of confirmed facts if those facts shed a negative light on this administration. In so doing they are derelict in their duty.

As I write this, Hillary Clinton has just thrown herself under the bus on embassy security while simultaneously not taking responsibility for Benghazi. (She later said that she was not involved in the particular decision related to security requests in Benghazi) What kind of political doublespeak is this? Yet, still, the media marches merrily along asking almost no tough questions. Think back on the Valerie Plame affair. The media at that time was positively stalking Scooter Libby. It was obvious from the start that the Plame affair was much ado about nothing, (Plame was not covert and thus no law applied to her and the special prosecutor knew from day one that the “leak” was a Clinton appointee) yet we were treated to non-stop breathless reporters positively screaming about the “scandal”. Now people are dead as a direct result of Administration incompetence and the aftermath reeks of cover-up and the media barely shows interest.

Even on Fox News Sunday, the supposedly right leaning alternative Sunday news show, Chris Wallace actually had the gall to ask the panel if this issue would have traction with voters. Hey Chris, WHO CARES?! This is one of the most blatant scandals in the history of White House scandals. The level of resonance with voters is not really the core issue!

The brilliant Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said this about life under Soviet oppression: “The most difficult thing about living under communism was the non-stop bombardment with lies, lies lies.” Our nation is still strong enough to survive four years of Barack Obama. However, I fear we are not capable of surviving our own non-stop bombardment of lies. When the media is complicit in cover up, when the media’s leftward ideology is so all encompassing that even the senseless and preventable deaths of brave military personnel and our Ambassador are not enough to raise even a modicum of professionalism amongst so called “journalists”, then I fear for our Republic.