I have worked for affiliates of all three of the major television networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS as a television anchor/reporter. This gives me a unique perspective from which to write this article.
I know first hand the conversations that occur in newsrooms and during the daily meetings between news assignment directors, producers and on-air talent during political season.

Because of this personal perspective, combined with the clear, evident bias I see nightly on national television, I can say with confidence that much of what the mainstream media feeds the American people is agenda driven as opposed to truth driven.

The Obama campaign does not need to pay for positive public relations. He gets a free ride from the main stream media and has since their Obama love fest began years ago. On the contrary, as we saw from the recent caught on tape, behind the scenes media conversations before a Romney press conference, Romney is a target of their disdain with Conservatism.

The mainstream media has a documented history of liberal slant which is understandable since a majority of their correspondents are liberals and vote democratic. In one poll, Washington correspondents declared that they voted Democratic 93 percent to 7 percent, while the nation is split about 50-50.

This statistic, in addition to the obvious bias in their coverage convinced me that many reporters for CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN write with a liberal filter. Tim Groseclose writes in his book, “Left Turn”, that this liberal slant is also have an impact on voting habits of Americans who listen depend on these media outlets for their news. Groseclose says, “Using objective, social-scientific methods, the filtering prevents us from seeing the world as it actually is. Instead, we see only a distorted version of it. It is as if we see the world through a glass—a glass that magnifies the facts that liberals want us to see and shrinks the facts that conservatives want us to see.”
He adds: “That bias makes us more liberal, which makes us less able to detect the bias, which allows the media to get away with more bias, which makes us even more liberal.”

Some other key points in Groseclose’s book substantiate his position that :

“Every mainstream national news outlet in the United States has a liberal bias.”

“Supposedly conservative news outlets are not far right. For instance, the conservative bias of [Fox’s] Special Report is significantly less than the liberal bias of CBS Evening News.”

In addition, if you compare journalists to their audiences, journalists from these outlets are more likely to say they are Democrats or liberals, and they espouse liberal positions on a wide variety of issues.
In a poll by the Pew Research Center for The People & The Press found five times more journalists described themselves as “liberal” as said they were “conservative.”

Many journalists admit that most of their colleagues approach the news from a liberal angle. For example, during the 2004 presidential campaign, Evan Thomas, of Newsweek, predicted that sympathetic media coverage would boost Kerry’s vote by “15 points,” which he later revised to five points. In 2005, ex-CBS News President Van Gordon Sauter confessed he stopped watching his old network because he admitted that the “unremitting liberal orientation finally became too much for me.”

As I watch the latest polls giving Obama a lead in the Presidential Race in spite of his repeated failed policies and his deadly foreign policy mistakes, I can’t help but wonder how much of those poll numbers can be attributed to misinformation, omission of information, and bias in the reporting of news.
It is frightening to think that so many Americans depend on being spoon fed TRUTH on a daily basis by deceptive, biased, networks as opposed to seeking out TRUTH on their own from a variety of sources.
News from the mainstream media is clearly “AGENDA DRIVEN, AS OPPOSED TO TRUTH DRIVEN”…and.. if the polls are right, Americans are blindly swallowing the this media is shoveling down their throats.

Yes, it is difficult to imagine, but at one time, years ago, when I chose journalism as my profession, it was an HONORABLE profession. This is no longer true. Finding a real journalist among the staff of most of the major networks would be as difficult as locating a needle in a haystack. In fact, locating that needle might be a bit easier.

If the latest polls are correct, the liberal biased message the mainstream media shovels down the throats of truth- starved Americans, is working. The media practices of deception, omission, and blatant bias are in full swing and influencing this election.

The mainstream media has redefined “journalism” to the extent that I no longer recognize the profession I chose to pursue years ago. It is no longer about “TRUTH”, but instead “AGENDA” and.. that agenda flies in the face of the values upon which this great nation was founded.