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As conservatives gain ground in the campaign to depose Boehner as Speaker, there is a new hope that the volume of the conservative voice – the voter’s voice – is growing stronger and will only become bolder in the new Congress.

Using 2014 as a gauge, 2015 is sure to bring a host of surprises and challenges to our country.

Last year we witnessed events in areas ranging from economics to social tension that no one could have predicted.

To say we live in uncertain times is a gross understatement.

Despite tensions in the Middle East, the price of oil has plummeted since June with prices reaching lows not seen since 2009.

The corresponding drop in gasoline prices led consumers to purchase larger vehicles including SUVs and shun electric cars that central planners wanted Americans to buy. Market forces triumphed and frankly embarrassed Obama’s plan to have 1.5 million electric cars on the road by 2015.

Tragic deaths of two unarmed black men resulted in social unrest and the assassination of two New York City policemen in a retaliatory strike against police. The attack against police was a direct consequence of months long propaganda campaign led by Al Sharpton and aided by President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.

In 2014, Sharpton was revealed as a key advisor to Obama. Since 2009, Sharpton has visited the White House over sixty times.

On the political front, voters rejected big government overreach and Obama’s unprecedented lying in the November midterms. As a result, Republicans made huge political gains including taking control of the Senate.

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