A ticket given to a man who was caught driving his car while trying to find his way using the GPS map on his mobile phone has been upheld on appeal.

Steven Spriggs was pulled over by California’s Highway Patrol and given a ticket for driving with one hand while holding the phone in the other to peer at directions on its map software.

He appealed against the ticket, but the punishment was upheld by judges at a California appellate court.

Judges ruled that using the GPS or map function on a mobile phone while driving is a moving violation on the same level as sending a text message while driving.

Spriggs was cited for ‘moving violation section 23123, subdivision (a), driving a motor vehicle while using a wireless phone’, on January 5 by California Highway Patrol Officer Jack Graham, according to court documents.

At his appeal, heard on April 26, both Spriggs and Officer Graham testified that he was indeed looking at a map on a phone held in his hand while driving.