Have you noticed that more and more of our government leaders are basing decisions on ‘poll numbers?’ Sure in this age of the internet with email, twitter and Facebook, there are nearly instantaneous ways to get opinions from people. I have been asking myself, along with a few others in my trusted circle of friends, why are Obama and Harry Reid are being so obstinate in their no compromise with Republican stance? Why are they dead-set against sitting down at the table to discuss compromise with Republicans? There is a reason why they are being belligerent and I will explain so we can again, be outraged at total manipulation by the Obama Administration.

We know that on many occasions President Obama has gone directly to “The People” to try to get policy change, like he did on gun control after the Sandy Hook tragedy. As we all know, Barack Obama is at heart a community organizer and the way you organize a community is directly to the people, not through governing. He has gone out of his way to appeal to the American public for attacking Syria and was rebuffed to a point that he had to capitulate. His desire to attack Syria for crossing his ‘red line’ was thwarted by Americans, at the people level, who did not want to go to war. Remember, Obama is a community organizer and he was not able to organize us into frenzy over Syria so this was a serious blow to his ego.

Both Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity stated last week that this failure to mobilize support for Syria is the reason why Obama will not compromise with House Republicans. I am sure Obama’s advisors are telling him he cannot appear to be any weaker (as a governing leader) than he already is in the minds of voters. So this is why Obama will reach out and compromise with Iran’s new President on their pursuit of Nuclear weapons and why he will not reach across the table to compromise and negotiate with Republicans. If he compromises any more, especially to Republicans, he will never be able to rally his base in support of the next red herring he throws towards the American people.

Is this really the reason why he is not willing to work within the governance set forth by our Constitution? President Obama has not yet ‘really followed the Constitution’ when it was not convenient with his agenda. Obama now has well over 250 Executive Orders he has written that bypasses our current laws. When it suits him, he will bypass Congress has he has done so many times and another example is by appointing politically unacceptable people to a Federal office. Obama has proven over and over that he can and will go around every process and law we have in order to achieve his goal. Those of us who watch closely to what is happening in Washington, this is no surprise. So why is he really not willing to compromise on the budget and debt crisis with the Republicans?

The reason Obama is not willing to compromise is because of poll numbers. In most of the polls that Obama is tuned into, he has the Republican exactly where he wants them to be. He believes he has the Republicans in low single or double digit approval. I am not saying the Republican poll numbers are not low, what I am saying is that these poll numbers are not accurate. These low values do not really reflect what we conservatives believe. So are these real values? No. So why am I saying this? Let me explain.

It is because of poll number manipulation at two levels. The first level is that hope gives people a belief in something. So if he can suppress the Republican poll number down to a low level he can remove hope that people are on their side. Most people seeing a low Republican poll number will just give up and say “They are hopeless.” This plays directly into the hands of Obama. He does not want to give Republicans any hope that what they are doing is being perceived as ‘good for Americans and they like it.” The second level is that he can create conflict within the Republican Party because they too see very low poll numbers for approval and this has, and is, starting an internal conflict within the party. A political party who is fighting internally cannot mount an effective offensive against his community organizing campaign. So, by manipulating the poll numbers he has the Republicans down on two counts, one being that regular people see really low poll numbers for approval and they get discouraged to not support them and these same poll numbers are causing internal conflicts within the Republican Party. It is a win-win for President Obama and his Democrat Party. This is why he does not HAVE to compromise with Republicans.

However, as I mentioned above that we know Obama and his minions are known for not following the rule of law. We can state many examples of them not caring one iota for the law or for American people, like in Benghazi, or the IRS targeting conservatives, or the NSA spying on everything we say and do electronically. They are doing all of this because of poll numbers and Republican approval numbers are historically low. Those poll numbers show a party in disarray and not able to mount any effective response to his lawless behaviors. The question is ‘are these polling numbers accurate?’ I would state that some of these polls are way wrong and let me explain why.

What has happened is that by manipulating the polling numbers, Obama can have his cake and eat it too. So his radical supporters are self-identifying themselves as conservatives and then voting against the Republicans. They are doing this for all the reasons I have stated above. They want to manipulate the vote of who gets elected into office and they are manipulating the poll numbers so people will believe that the Republican Party is imploding. Now, I am not saying that real conservatives are 100% happy with everything the Republicans in Congress are doing, what I am saying is that their poll numbers are not as low as the Obama Administration would allow us to believe. Remember, if the Democrats can say to Republicans “Look at how lousy your poll numbers are, you are not being effective and your own people are not supporting you” then they can cause chaos.

This is exactly what is happening and this is exactly why Obama and Reid are not willing to budge one inch on negotiating with the Republicans. They have shown over and over that they do not care about anything other than themselves and their own Political agenda. They will do and say anything to get their way; just listen to all their rhetoric. Right now, they do not have to do anything other than self-report they are Republicans and then say how much they are “not in support of what the Republican leaders are doing.” This is the easiest thing they have done so far. They are manipulating the outcome for their own favor and everyone believes that these skewed poll numbers are correct; they are not.