In today’s liberal America, it has not only become acceptable to discriminate against Anglos or people of Caucasian descent, but now it’s also legal to cut funding to schools who have too many Anglos. It’s never been about equality for minorities; rather it’s always been and still is about preferential treatment for minorities.

The classic example is Affirmative Action which, depending upon which version is used, requires schools or employers to give preferential treatment to minorities which have been defined as women, black Americans, Hispanics, Asians and American Indians.

My father-in-law retired from a major utility in Arizona some years ago. Before retiring, he was a foreman and was told that due to the Affirmative Action in place at the time, he had to make sure that every position had at least 20% women. All of the work was field work, dirty, manual labor and operating light to heavy trucks, tractors, graders, backhoes, cranes, etc. Whenever an opening for an equipment operator came open, if no women bid on the job, then he had to bypass fully qualified company male employees and go outside the company and recruit. Worst yet is the company men were required to train the women on how to operate the equipment and take the job that they couldn’t have due to their sex. In one case, it took over two years before one position was permanently filled.

The same thing happened a number of times when highly qualified white male students were bypassed for medical schools because of Affirmative Action. In several instances that led to lawsuits, the minority student given a position in a medical school could not complete the schooling, while others who could were rejected because they were white and male.

Now, a similar form of what I refer to as ‘selective allowable discrimination’ is having a direct impact on funding for some public schools. I define selective allowable discrimination as the practice of allowing discrimination of a selective group while banning discrimination of opposite groups.

Parents of students attending Walter Reed Middle School in the Los Angeles Unified School District are outraged at the latest example of selective allowable discrimination after receiving a letter from the district saying that over the past two-years, too many Anglo students were registered for the school which is resulting in the cutting of some of the school’s funding.  The letter read in part:

“A school qualifies for PHBAO status if 70 percent or more of its students who live within the school’s attendance boundary are identified as ‘Hispanic, Black, Asian, or non-Anglo. Under a court-ordered integration program that has been in place since 1978, PHBAO schools qualify for smaller class sizes and additional positions. When a school no longer qualifies for PHBAO status, fewer positions are funded.”

Christia Crocker, a parent of one of the students commented:

“It’s affecting funding because the more white people, the less money, so it’s a little bit of an interesting situation.”

Rosemary Estrada, another parent, also was concerned, saying:

“When your class sizes are getting larger and you’re taking resources away from students, I mean as parents, you do want your kid to go out to college.”

Linda Del Cueto, Superintendent for Local District Northeast, tried to appease parents by writing:

“In order to maintain continuity of instructional services to students and families within demographic and budgetary realities, the District researched alternative funding models and has identified Reed as a ‘per-pupil spending model’ school. Under this model, Reed will retain more teachers than originally anticipated and discussed at the March 15, 2017 community meeting.

“It is important to note that the school’s nurse, librarian, and counselor will not be impacted for the 2017-18 school year.”

The letter went on to explain that the school will still keep the librarian, nurse and counselor, but the per-pupil approach could still mean fewer teachers and larger class sizes.

Raoul Duke, an obvious liberal, commented:

“Less white kids, more money, no, that’s not racist at all.”

Excuse me???!!!  It was racist to begin with by unfairly giving the school more funding just because they had a larger percentage of certain ethnic students. Most discrimination laws state emphatically that you cannot discriminate in housing, real estate, business, etc., based upon race, sex, age, or gender. However, providing extra funding for minorities is a form of discrimination against non-minority populations. If the argument is used that minorities generally have less money to pay taxes with, then that is racial profiling or stereotyping, both of which are wrong.

What’s happening with Walter Reed Middle School is just another of many examples of the double standards in our nation that has led legalized selective allowable discrimination. In today’s America, you WILL be discriminated against if you are Anglo, male and Christian.