I had the pleasure of spending time with a War Hero. “Gunny Pop” and his wife April took me and some friends to visit some wounded warriors in San Diego, and to visit the Marine base where I got to sit in the pilot’s seat of a huge, huge helicopter.  I forget the technical name for it.  It transports troups and contains weapons.

“Gunny Pop” is Nick Popaditch and he is a candidate for Congress from the 53rd District of California.

His pledge:

I love my country. Too many people have fought too hard for our prosperity and liberty for our generation to give those away on our watch. There is an expression that directs, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” I am choosing to lead. I am Nick Popadich and I am running for Congress.

The US House of Representatives is the people’s house. It is the link from your neighborhood to your federal government. Your representative should be beholden to the people, to the constituency. Your representative needs to listen to you and be faithful to you. Far too often our representatives have sold their fidelity away. They have sworn their allegiance to political parties, political action groups, and large donors.

I make this pledge to you, the constituency of California’s 53rd congressional district. As your Representative, my loyalty resides with you alone. I will represent you, not a political party, not a political action group, nor any special interest.

My prayer is that our Congress could be made up of men like this.

Please consider supporting him and donating to his campaign.