“Gay marriage” is not gay. Also, it is not marriage.
Like the Communists who had their own definition of
“Democracy,” homosexuals and their fellow travelers have had
to redefine several perfectly acceptable English words to fit
their lustful desires. It has been said that God loves the
sinner. He also hates the sin. Jesus said to the woman at
the well, “Go, and sin no more.” John the Baptist preached
“…repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” That same
admonition holds to every generation and yells out to those
today who are bent on corrupting themselves and wiping out
civilization in one fell swoop.

Our moral foundations are crumbling fast. Liberal media
is feeding the frenzy, oblivious of the cost of the
degradation being played out on society. In this case it is
the mad rush of those without consciences or bereft of the
wisdom and benefit of what traditional families and mores have
been to this country and to the world. What they seem to have
missing is what this country had that beckoned millions from
every country in the world who saw, and wanted, for themselves
and their families.

I stand amazed, as one “bright star” after another seems
to have had a vision of the new world of homosexual
superiority. It is not the underpinning of society; and
attempting to make it thus, only exposes those who seem to
have built a fence with no posts. The world has been dumbing
down for several decades and it is Hell-bent to descend into
depravity at breakneck speed. Destroying everything that is
good, is its ultimate goal.

For the legislators, politicians, Hollywood elites, and
others who have nothing but quicksand under their feet, your
efforts to undermine and redefine at least five thousand years
of true marriage will backfire when whole new generations will
grow up dismally dysfunctional because they won’t know who
they are. They will either have no mother or no father – and
maybe neither. Will your father show you how to be a man…or
your two mothers how to sew? Genealogy is important for
several reasons: one eventually wants to know who he/she is.
Who were your grandparents; your uncles and aunts; your
siblings? Will you find them in historical records…or in
labs of artificial insemination kits? Or in the “afterglow”
of “gay parades”? Two lesbians or two homosexuals cannot a
family make. The most disgusting action of the deviancy of
homosexual acts is using the body’s sewer system for sexual
gratification. Depravity can’t sink much lower.

For those who have succumbed to this disgusting behavior
-for whatever reason, there is time to “repent” and show the
world that you really do know the difference between right and
wrong. You will be counted! Every man (and woman) will be
judged one day. Will you stand for what is good and pure and
enviable, or will it be said of you: “he went along with the
crowd; he was afraid of their rejection?”

There are always those who have true backbone and are not
afraid to call a spade a spade, and will stand for decency, no
matter the cost. There is a long history of martyrs of the
Christian faith who have looked death in the face; told to lie
about their faith in Jesus Christ – deny it and live. They
held fast; and suffered willingly because of the amazing love
and truth of the only One who died for them. Those today who
can’t stand the judgement of the crowd – or don’t know God and
His demand for moral purity will be held accountable by One
much higher than today’s crowd. His judgement is final.
Stand for Truth, while it is yet day.