Ok, Conservatives. It’s time to put your armor down. We’ve not just lost the battle for our country – we’ve lost the battle for the planet earth. Can you even think of another country we could escape to? I used to say Australia, but they’re liberal too. Wait…hold on…what if we just move the tea party to a new location?

I’m not kidding – this is actually a possibility. Mars One is a private company, using funding from private space companies, and a reality show they plan on producing, to document this revolutionary expedition and financially support the endeavor.

The plan is to send four people there, in the year 2023. In the meantime, 80,000+ people have uploaded video applications which you can view right on the company’s homepage to try and be one of the four first settlers on this new planet. Oh yeah – that’s the catch. If you go on this trip, you’re using a one-way ticket. No more Earth for you.

Check out this informative video that was recently released by the company.


I heard an TV anchor reporting on it and laughing uncontrollably. Before her segment was up, she said, “Who would actually do this?” Apparently, tens of thousands of people who don’t feel they have anything keeping them here.

So, my intro was pretty facetious, but seriously. What if the four chosen people to start a new planet were all tea partiers? What if there was a new place that upheld the Constitutional values our country has lost? What if we could start from scratch and send up a group of modern-day founding fathers to begin a new type of “nation,” or…”planet,” I should say.

You’ll be happy to know that they’re starting off on the right foot by not using any tax payer money to fund this project. All the space companies funding the project are private companies and a major source of the income will come from an ongoing reality show that you know you’ll be watching along with the rest of the world. The show will document the selection process and the 8-year-training that these Mars-ians will go through before departing. These people will be trained to become doctors and engineers and will live in pods that simulate the environment they’ll live in on Mars.

So, money wise, the start up is pretty conservative, but since all eyes will be on these inhabitants, “Big brother” will be a complete reality. The difference in the “big brother” that the travelers will experience is that they’re signing up for it voluntarily – as an adventure. What we’re experiencing in America, right now, is a government that is pushing us into this “big brother” lifestyle against our will.

I can’t imagine resigning myself to never again stepping out for a breath of fresh air. But, who knows? If our nation’s problems keep escalating the way they have in the last five years, I won’t be surprised if I start to see people I know jumping on the “let’s inhabit a new planet” bandwagon. One thing’s for sure – stepping outside of your situation sure puts things in perspective. Is America in trouble? Duh! The IRS scandal, Benghazi cover-up, AP breech…what’s next? But, from space, our very powerful President is just a little grain of sand. Mars, anyone?