We are watching you media people.  You are liars.

Why did ABC News declaratively say the Trayvon police video of Zimmerman showed no “blood or bruises” and now they’ve suddenly found that by “enhancing” their video a bloody gash appears on Zimmerman’s head?

Why did NBC edit the tape to make Zimmerman sound as though he was racially profiling Martin by editing out the 911 operator asking him for the race?

Why did they show a photo of  Trayvon at age 12?  Why did they omit his vulgar tweets,  facebook photo, suspensions, stolen jewelry, and the robbery tool in his backpack?

Why did the New York Times front-page article on the Trayvon Martin case repeat NBC’s attempt to cast George Zimmerman as a racist by selectively editing his 911 call?

Why did the media ignore the murdered six year old girl and 49 others who were shot in Chicago on St. Patrick’s day weekend?

Why did the media ignore the six year old girl and 5 other black people who were shot by other black people in Miami this week while attending a funeral?

Juan Williams said, “Nobody says a word that over half of the murders in the United States are of black people and 90% of them are committed by other black people. What is this carnage in the black community, in Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, every day of the week? And nobody has a march for them… This is the civil rights challenge of this generation yet people want to replay what happened 50 years ago, Chris.“

Why are NBC and ABC  and The New York Times joining Barack “ If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon” Obama in trying to stir up racial conflict?

Why did they pretend Zimmerman was white?

Is there an agenda?  A Communist Agenda?  Watch Trevor Loudon’s new documentary, AGENDA.

Just out of curiosity, who caught the media liars lying?

John Nolte at Big Journalism reports, “In the case of ABC News, The Daily Caller was the first to raise questions, and in the case of NBC, it was Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Newsbusters.”  Those are the real journalists.