Obamacare name association was just that, branding to get you to buy into a trusted “name” that you would vote for and it succeeded. You’ll notice now the President clearly says (ACA) Affordable Care Act, to distance himself from the duplicity and rage that the word Obamacare brings to mind.

The animus of the American people toward the bait and switch lies and betrayal associated with the word “Obama care” and the phrase “you can keep your plan if you like it” is the reason for its current yanking by the word police and re-branding.  It served its political purpose well in getting Obama re-elected. A train wreck on any other track is still a “wreck”. By re-naming he is trying to erase the political innuendos from the Health Care image and replace it with the business aspect, Insurance.

Obama’s anemic website is still down, with privacy issues begging hackers to steal your identity. The brave who do venture in usually use a phone navigator and have strangely enough been plunged into Medicaid against their will.

A Virginia man reported, “I lost my Insurance so I went to HealthCare.gov to be “involuntarily” placed on Medicaid. In the website chat room he protested telling them, “Watch the response once 60mins.shows up in front of my $5 Mil home that’s “paid for” and tells America this guy is on Medicaid and you’re paying for it.” The Obama representative said, “I do understand your frustration but I have NO OTHER options to offer.”

CMS Center Medicaid/Medicare Services reported that 116 Million Americans will get their Insurance from them next year, that’s 38% of the people. According to CBO 44 Million people will be uninsured and 43% of Americans who have Insurance will get it directly from the Govt. You can’t get your old Insurance back and you can’t afford the Affordable care so…we win, go directly to Single Payer. To the American people who voted for his free lunch promise it turned out to be a slice of stale bread and a paper cup of water. In medical terms that’s rationed care with an aspirin and a bandade.

Originally Medicaid was a program jointly funded by the State and the Federal Govt. designed as a safety net to provide medical care for people unable to finance their own medical expenses. Under Obamacare there is a “massive expansion” into the Medicaid pool and we are being told there is no alternative. The reports we do get show Medicaid numbers far outweighs the signups for health care Insurance.

Avik Roy Sr. Fellow at Manhattan Inst. 3/2012 study showed,” Medicaid patients were almost twice as likely to die as those with private Insurance; their hospital stays were 42% longer and cost 26% more.”  Obamacare was designed to extend health coverage to 30 million more Americans. Rarely is it mentioned anywhere that Medicare was robbed to provide “more than half” of that new coverage.

We heard Obama remark on the news that he wasn’t “stupid” enough to claim that the website would work if “he knew” that it wouldn’t. This turns out to be a (7 month) lie. Jay Carney, WH spokesperson, admitted that President Obama was briefed back in March on potential problems with the website for Oct. deadline. He forged ahead for political purposes some say. I say he did it to expedite his single payer agenda. He has 7 months (March-Sept) to prepare for the internet fiasco. He knows his lie ”you can keep your plan and Dr.” will be exposed on Oct.1. He must make it appear enough people are signing up for Insurance so the Republicans cannot repeal it. This is why they belabored the opening date was still on.

Mr. Obama is a very intelligent man that dumbs it down with the, “I didn’t know that until I heard it in the news”, statements. His every move is deliberate in advancing the destruction of our foundation and replacing it with his socialistic ideology. Socialized medicine is the crowning jewel, the corner stone of Govt. dependency and the welfare state, the Left’s dream for decades. Obamacare is the largest wealth redistribution America will ever see. We all have heard his speech at Acorn meetings that he will make single payer health care law in America. This is his ultimate goal and he sees the finish line within reach; with only 4 years left to achieve it. He will not let the Republicans or the 2014 election stand in his way.

He has 7 months to derail the ACA, creating panic at the roll out in Oct. so only a few can purchase Insurance while others are forced into Medicaid. What if by design he allowed sabotage to the website; creating mass hysteria of (6Mil. People) without Insurance from the cancelation notices that can’t sign up and realized the fruition of his lies at their health care expense? Then he plays the “Stupid card” so everyone blames the web builders. He covers up with another lie and finally chokes out some semblance of an apology to the angry, deceived and now hopeless taxpayers. Then he’s back exalting the benefits of ACA. In looking back at the path taken since March, he has set ACA up to fail at every turn.

This is just the first shoe to fall, wait until the Employer Insurance policies start getting cancelled in Nov. 2014 after the election. The Government predicted in 2010 that ACA would force the canceling of ½ or more of the Nations Insurance Policies from businesses. That equals 80 Million more policies cancelled because they can’t meet the required ACA benefits each Insurance plan dictates that must be covered, whether you want them or not.

Say we are Obama executives in that March meeting tasked to design a plan to expeditiously push Single Payer (Medicaid) through but we have to pretend to use the failed exchanges first. Our (7mo.) goal is to have 6 Mil unsuspectedly dropped off their “inadequate” Insurance plan with cancellation letters the 1st of October. Concurrently, the failed internet exchanges open, which we control and then navigators push them into Medicaid.

To get this started, in May, we leak out that for Obamacare to work we must have the young sign up for Insurance to pay for the Medicaid recipients. We will raise their premiums exorbitantly from what they are paying now and give them two outs. They can stay on their parents Insurance until they are 26, or they can pay a $95.00 fee/year.  Most will opt. for the fee.

In July, we delay the employer mandate one year giving businesses time to organize their Health & Human Services. This averts an extra burden on the 2014election; with 80 Million irate people dropped off their employers Insurance into our failed website producing more mayhem. We must enhance a false sense of security for another year while we deal with the first wave of 5-6 Million and get through the election. Just tweet from Africa that you have decided, executive privilege, to delay the employer mandate.

Everyone’s Insurance premium goes up 40%-100% with higher deductibles and co-pays. We don’t allow anyone to meet the subsidy receiving, income level. Without subsidies most people cannot afford their new premiums and will be forced into the Medicaid program.

Ins. Companies will not be allowed to grandfather in old Insurance plans. They will make the decision to cut a number of hospitals out of their coverage jurisdiction from the exchange’s use and dictate where you can go. For example: Minn.-  Mayo Clinic (out), Los Angeles-Cedar Sinai (out), Seattle- Children’s Hospital (out). Ultimately Medicaid will only have community not University hospital access. This sets up a 2 tier medical system.

In July we set up (IPAB) Independent Payment Advisory Board of 15 members, unelected. Their role is to slow Medicare spending and target what Doctors are paid. Some will stop taking Medicare patients others will quit practicing. IPAB will set Doctors payment rates for Medicare; decide which procedures or drugs are covered and the price. They have the power to stop any treatment they don’t favor by lowering rates to levels no Doctor would perform them.

If a patient sees a Dr. and needs to be admitted to a hospital that patient can only be admitted to the hospital where that Dr. has admitting privileges. If the hospital won’t accept the patient’s Insurance then the patient must find another Dr. and hospital. Only certain hospitals and certain Dr.’s will take Medicare Insurance.

ACA website must be so abominable and toxic no one dares try for fear of identity theft. We ask for all their personal and medical information before they are able to shop for plans or prices making it a hacker’s paradise.

We use a web builder that is notorious for being inadequate and slow. We pay them copious amounts of money without any other bids. We blame them yet we continue to use them and pay them more copious amounts of money to try and fix this huge debacle they created.

Very few will be able to sign up online, it will stay disabled even though we promise restoration in weeks. Everyone will be frantic to get signed up because their Insurance was cancelled. Jan 1, they must have proof of Ins. or pay a huge fine. People will be directed to the navigators who will repeatedly put them into Medicaid.

Socialized medicine in America now has its birth. In 2014 when the businesses drop another 80 Million people off their Insurance it will be well on its way to single payer unless we get out and vote this down. Obama doesn’t care if he hurts people, you are chattel to his ideology about re-making the nation. That’s all he sees. Remember his Motto:  Never let a good crisis go to waste, even if you have to instigate it!