Zimmerman had broken nose, other injuries after fight

A medical report by George Zimmerman’s family doctor shows the neighborhood watch volunteer was diagnosed with a fractured nose, two black eyes and two lacerations on the back of the head after his fatal confrontation with Trayvon Martin.

The medical exam, which was taken a day after Zimmerman’s February 26 altercation with the unarmed 17 year-old teen, says Zimmerman suffered a “closed fracture” of his nose, according to two sources who have detailed knowledge of the investigation.

Zimmerman, 28, is accused of killing Martin as the teen walked back to the Sanford, Florida, house where he was staying from a convenience store.

While Zimmerman supporters have characterized him as a well-meaning watch volunteer who was only trying to protect his community, Martin’s family and supporters have said the white Hispanic man unfairly profiled Martin as a troublemaker just because Martin was an African-American teenager walking down the street wearing a hoodie.

Zimmerman faces a second-degree murder charge in the case that has gripped the country, caused nationwide protests and has shined a light on race relations and gun laws in Florida.

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